The echos of the past influences who you are in the today. Do not look far into the past to create today. You are different than before. The past has already come and gone. Today is here and now. Embrace it. The winds of change come through, and create everything anew. As time goes on things change. Change is inevitable. Time doesn’t stop for no one. Time is ever passingThe hand of time is constant. Make the most out of your time on earth, and realize that things change. Do not be passive in this life, because time is not passive, it is aggressive, ever ticking. Do not waste time, because time will keep on going so keep up its the pace. I-may-not-have-everything-I-want-in-life-but-I-am-blessed-enough-to-have-all-that-I-need.-For-this-I-am-grateful.-1-768x768.jpg

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Be Happy for this moment. This moment is your life. _ Omar Khayyam

Today is the last day of this decade.

Goodbye to 2019. We are ushering into 2020. We are in a new decade.

Think back in history to the roaring 20’s. The jazz, nightclubs, and cars. It was the decade where they thought they were getting loose. Economic prosperity until 1929 when the stock crashed and led the new decade into the great depression. It was the end of World War 1, and also prohibition on alcohol also took place.

They were having fun and financially stable, until the great depression.

I picture a night club, and ladies swing dancing with bob cuts. This is not probably accurate, and I probably seen this kind of a scene in a 40’s movie.

My Grandma and Grandpa were born in the late 20’s. My Great Grandparents went through the depression era with a new baby which was my Grandmother. They were business owners and my Great Grandpa was resilient, and created his own electric company.

Time has changed immensely since the 1920’s. We live in a whole different world with technology, school shootings, airplanes, you can order groceries, or almost anything online. It is not as safe to have your children play on the streets.

I wonder what this decade will bring? Change is constant, and somethings remain the same.

We are going to have advances in robots. Will robots take over humans? Will they take our jobs? I am old fashioned. I like communication with people by talking in person, and even writing letters.

Also advances in science to cure disease like Alzheimers, and cancer possibly. I work with a young man whose Dad is a geneticist. Stem cell research will advance.

Cars will be able to drive themselves. That is kinda boring. I would rather do it myself. This makes us lazier? Is it safer this way?

Computer will have processing power of a human brain.

They are talking about putting chips in the brain to stimulate neural activity. I’m not down for that.

What do you think this decade will bring? What advances do you think will happen?

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