No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent… ~ Eleanor Roosevelt


This quote is very freeing, because I let others intimate me and I feel belittle by others sometimes. If I meditate on this quote I believe I will grow. This is something I need to remind myself, as I work on self esteem and self worth. I let others make me feel inferior. Imagine how beneficial it would be to take this quote to heart and practice it!



Bullying, or people being disrespectful towards you or others in general. This is my two cents, based on my perspective, from experiences in my life.

I keep hearing stories from people I know in life, where preteens or teenagers commit suicide because of being bullied. This is incredibly disturbing to me, and upsetting.

This is what I tell my kids:

  • School is a small part of your life. You only have X amount of years in school, and after you graduate, you will probably never see these people ever again in life.
  • What these kids say doesn’t matter or define who you are.
  • Ignore them.
  • They have low self esteem, or a bad home life, pray for them.
  • If they are violent, tell the Principal first, then tell your parents.
  • The kids that bullied me in school, some are drug addicts, and have had their kids taken away. They have serious issues.
  • Ignore it, report it and don’t be dragged down to their level. There is a lot more for your life, than worrying about what other people think.
  • They could be jealous, or threatened by something you’re good at that they aren’t and so on.

I am a quiet, passive person, and too nice. I still get “bullied” at work. Maybe because I lack assertiveness, and I need to practice assertiveness, but first learn this trait. This is defiantly something I need to work on. My Mom get’s this too at work, probably because of her personality. I guess we’re too soft.

I personally think that people that “bully” or that are incredibly disrespectful, in adult life, and all “bullies” in general, need to pick on someone to make themselves look bigger. They have low self esteem, and lack confidence, and they are trying to feel better about themselves, their accomplishments, self worth and so on.

Or it could be a misunderstand but they should react disrespectfully. They act this way because they feel offended due to low self worth.

This is sad rise about it, and feel sorry for them because this is a sad lifestyle.

Last week someone was acting rude to me at work, I thought about it, this poor person has low self esteem and so on. I feel sorry for them. Their perspective is off, they need help, or they need to learn and grow.

This is just my honest opinion.