Filter your thoughts.

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Your thoughts become your reality. Be aware of what you put in your mind. Be careful of the negative let influence your reality.  Filter these negative thoughts, and do not dwell on them, do not let them imprint your mind. Fill your mind, and life with positivity. Look on the good side and beware of untruths and negative influences. Believe in the good in the world and not the bad. Look for the good in everything to be your best. You can achieve more with a positive mindset.

Do not let others negativity bring you down.

Don’t let other people’s negative attitude or mean words get to you. It is just their perspective. Do not feed into others negativity, and let it consume your thoughts. Do not let what others say to you or about you effect you. This is petty, and not worth your thoughts or time.

Life is too short for that, and you will be happier and more productive, if you keep looking on the bright side.

Go about your day without their negativity, and if you can help them, do so.

Cheers, and Happy Holidays!

Positivity, Choices, and attitude.


This is a good reminder for me to focus on the good things in life, and not the negative things in life, which contribute to depression. I am working on my mental health right now.

In light of Thanksgiving, there are many things to be thankful for, and there are things in life that are just negative. Bad things happen, bills are due, bad attitudes from others. There is plenty of situations in life that we can choose to let drag us down, if we let it.  Rewire your brain and think of the good! Don’t let negativity effect you, instead think to yourself “What can I do to make this situation better”?

You only have one life, make it your best. Chose to have a positive perspective, and happiness will follow. Always look for the good, and look at obstacles as room for improvement, and think to yourself, “How can I react to this situation in a more constructive way”?

Everyday we choose our attitude, and how we react. Be positive, constructive, and firm. Assertive, not passive, so others walk all over you, and obviously not aggressive. Choose to view life with a positive lens.

There is plenty of bad things in life to focus on, but let’s focus on the good, and go far in life. <3


Saturday Meditation

EKpRwduWoAI0Qyj A lot of things that we worry about, never happen! We cannot predict what will happen next, in most cases. You never know what tomorrow will bring. Enjoy the little things in life, and focus on the good. You are enough, and you’ve got this.

Inhale the good, exhale the bad. Relax. Enjoy lives unpredictability.

Out with the old, in with the new….



I am about to cut a more than a foot off my long pretty hair. I love my hair but it is driving me crazy. It is so long and thick. I am donating it to Pantene lengths. —–>

I’m on vacation, I am going to organize my house, and get rid of all the junk. I am throwing a lot of junk away in my life. It’s a fresh start materialistically, and spiritually. Life is constantly changing and so are we. That is why we can improve for the better. I am going to simplify my life, and find peace. I am shedding things in life that are weighing me down, and ready to better myself. I want to go back to work more organized.

I felt pretty with long hair, but I need to be authentic with myself, I don’t need to hide behind my hair to be pretty. I am letting go of it. What are some things that you need to let go of in your life? What is weighing you down in life, that you need to get rid of? Do you have “junk” that needs to be thrown away?

I need to quit thinking negatively.

There is a study that says clutter makes one depressed. I believe that study. Clutter is stressful, let’s simplify, and get rid of things that are weighing us down.



I feel so much better.