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So cute together….



They are so cute when they cuddle. I wonder if the older one, that is orange, is motherly to the younger one.

The older one is “Kiki”, she is very shy and skittish. The young kitty is “Mable”, she is very outgoing, adventurous and lively.


My cat’s don’t feel this way. They like having us home to feed them, and cuddle.

Happy Saturday!


She’s just wants to go outside….


This is Mabel, and she is so curious about the outside world. She has tore our window screens trying to get out. We have too many coyotes, and too many people living in our city. I don’t want her to get stolen, or eaten by wildlife.

Here she is trying to escape her loving home:

Pretty kitty showing off, contemplating leaving…


Ohhhh look! Birds!


Gotta push my way out of here:


Climbing my way out, it looks so interesting out there, than being cooped up in Mommy’s house:


Crap I’m still stuck in here:





My Cat likes to “help” me crochet.


This is my one year old kitty cat, she likes to “help” me crochet. I was trying to crochet dish cloths and she is just attacking the yarn, going crazy… Too funny.


See how messed up she has my project.


Now it is wrapped around her, and when I unwrapped her she scratched me good. She was just playing, she was after the yarn.