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How to properly wear a mask…

Yes! I totally got this part, working in healthcare among Covid!

How to correctly put on and remove a face mask…

When you put a face mask on make sure you form the nose piece so that nothing is getting in, and make sure it fits you all around, and is not to big or small, because the virus can get in…. Do not touch your face! Wash your hands before you remove it, so important! Remove mask back to front.


Thank God I have a N95 mask for grocery shopping, and with possible Covid patients who have pending Covid tests. I don’t believe that cloth masks are not efficient, if you put a filter in your cloth mask and it fits your face properly you are getting protection!





Softy Wipes
3 layers Face Mask Virus protection


How to sew a homemade cloth mask, from a healthcare worker.


How to sew a face forming mask for full coverage. I learned how to tweak and perfect the masks, since I have to try to work with them on. My face is completely covered, so I feel safe, with no side pockets for “free air” to come in.

First I cut out two pieces of cloth that are 6 inches vertical, and 7 inches horizontally.


Then you flip your material so the designs are in, and put the two squares of material together. The inside of the material should be facing out on both sides as show below:



You are going to sew only 3 sides with the material inside out, as show below.


So as shown above, I sown all three sides, and left one side not sown.

Then you are going to cut out the filter. 6X7 inches just like your material. I am using fabric batting. and you are going to sew the filter on top of the material that you previously sown, but only on the three sides you have already done, leaving the one side undone.


Then you are going to flip your material so it is right side out:


So the designs are showing on both sides and the filter is inside.

Then I iron the the fabric so that everything is nice and straight.

Then sew the remaining side.


Then we are going to sew the metal piece in but not just yet. With the metal piece on the outside of the mask, you can mark where the ends of the metal piece is at. Sew right at the top of the mask leaving a little bit of space for later to sew the nose piece in.



Look at the commercial mask how the metal is sown in, there’s a stitch at the top and it makes a long rectangle. That is what were are mimicking.

With the metal outside the mask make the top stitch, and one stitch downward. (Be very careful sewing this in. You are using the metal as a guide for where to make stitches.


When you are done stitching at the top, and small stitches downward put the metal nose piece on the inside of the mask and make another stitch across, and then upward, to make the rectangle  to keep the nose piece in place.  Don’t sew the metal. This part is important and makes the mask comfortable.

Then we are going to make 3, 1 cm folds, we are going to pinch and fold the mask, 3 times, on each side, 6 folds total. I pleat it with my finger then I start from the bottom pleat and iron the pleats but I iron the pleat top to bottom.


I iron all 6 pleats into place. 3 on each side.

The mask now needs to measure 3.5 inches vertically after making these folds.


Then starting 1.5 cm in, I’m going to sew my folds down ward as shown below. To sew directly at the sides, you need heavy duty sewing machine needles.  I don’t have these, since Hobby Lobby is closed, and so on, so I just sew where the material isn’t so thick. A zig zag stitch is also better. See below how I sewed my fold in. I repeat the stitch to sew these fold into place so they stay.


When you are getting ready to sew thicker material you lift the foot up, and usually there is a black button on the side for this. My sewing machine is older than me and doesn’t have this!



Your mask is almost complete now you are going to sew the elastics onto the front of the masks. 20200402_212438_film21793188852.jpg

The elastics are only 5.5 inches long. You only put the elastic one cm down, and across as show above. I sew these in 4 times, forwards, and reverse, twice.

See it fits comfortably and efficiently.

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Crocheted ear savers for masks!


Look at this cut ear saver I crocheted! Owls!

And ladybugs! So cute!

My ears hurt at work when I try to wear a mask for the full 8 hours. I so glad I found out that these existed.

They hold the elastics for the ears on the mask, and alleviate the pressure off your ears, like this:


I found the pattern here: A free download on Ravelry.


The company I work for is seeking PPE donations.

Please share. The company I work for is seeking PPE donations. We are a senior living center. We serve the at risk population. We are seeking handmade masks and gowns.

I was watching the news yesterday, and they were talking about how we forgot about our at risk population, the seniors, and the need to PPE for their caregivers. 

Donate masks or gowns, save a life! 

Please share this link.

Send in the Gowns!

Contact: [email protected] 

Where to donate masks for senior living facilities (1)

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Sewing face masks!

I’m sewing face mask, because of PPE shortage, and I’m a healthcare worker! That’s why. My manager told me one mask per shift, ew now way!

I’m using this pattern:

Look at all these pretty face masks. I’m making sure my co workers and I are covered: