10 Ways to stay healthy this flu season…

~ Get your flu shot- The flu shot is a dead virus. You cannot get sick from it. It prevents flu, and reduces hospitalization, especially for people with lung issues, and diabetes. If you happen to get the flu, the severity of it is less. It also protects those around you, like elderly and small children.

~ Wash your hands- Really wash your hands. With soap and warm water. Scrub your hands front, back, in between fingers, and also your nails, for at least 20 seconds. Make sure to dry your hands, because germs like wetness. I know this sounds silly but I have worked in healthcare for 12 years, and have been really sick, and noticed that washing your hands makes a huge difference. If you have kids, think of a fun song you can sing. The “Happy Birthday” song is 20 seconds.

~ Exercise- Exercise get’s the blood flowing and the t-cells, and white blood cells circulating, so they can be there to fight of sickness and infection.
~ Eat Healthy- Proper nourishment helps promote cellular functions of the immune system. Eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day.

~ Take Vitamin C and D3. There are studies that show that D3 prevents flu, helps the immune system, and it always helps with depression. Also get outside to get vitamin D absorption through the sun.
Vitamin C supports a healthy immune system. It helps the cells that fight off disease work better. It is also an antioxidant.

~ Get enough sleep- Your body repairs itself when you sleep. Including blood vessels and your heart. Hence you circulation so that you can fight off sickness. If you sleep as much as your body needs, you will not be as stressed out. Sleep keeps your immune system working properly.

~ Take a cold shower- Yes! Alternating between hot and cold water in the shower
improves circulation. Do this when you are healthy. Cold water makes your blood move to the organs to make your body warm, water causes the opposite effect and causes the blood to move to the skin. This improves circulation. Cold water makes your body produce more white blood cells and makes your immune system stronger.

~ Manage Stress- Enjoy a hobby and life in general. Talk to positive people. Do not take little things in life to serious, and find ways to cope and solutions to what is bothering you.
The stress hormone, cortisol suppresses your immune system.

~ Avoid Sick People- So that you don’t catch there germs in case you body might not be able to fight it off. Wear a mask at the doctors office or in the E.R. The hospital is a great place to catch sickness.

~Drink plenty of water- Water gives your cells a better change at circulating around your blood stream to fight off infection, and sickness. Water clears toxins and keeps all your systems working efficiently.

Disclosure: These are just tips I used for myself as merely a caregiver in the health care field. In no way can any of my advice replace a medical doctors advice.

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The acidic and alkaline connection. Also health benefits of lemons.


I’m sure we’ve all read that we need to eat healthy, and balance or diet and so on.

Acid, and alkaline are pH levels in our body, let’s look at the benefits of balancing our pH levels. And also, let’s look deeper into a healthier diet, and it’s benefits.

The pH value ranges from 0–14:

  • Acidic: 0.0–6.9
  • Neutral: 7.0
  • Alkaline (or basic): 7.1–14.0

Acidic food are items such as: Processed foods, Sugars, Grains, sodas, and so on.

The symptoms of having too high of an Acidic pH are: Fatigue, headache, sleepiness, lack of appetite.

Hence, if you have low energy, try changing your diet to a more alkaline diet. I have low energy sometimes, so I try to work on this.

So let’s just into this. The benefits of an Alkaline diet:

  •  Reduces inflammation. Hence your muscles will work better. Can also reduce back pain!
  • Age relating muscle wasting can be slowed down by a alkaline diet!
  •  helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol which are big risk factors for heart disease.
  • Some studies suggest that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment, but I’m not sure if that’s 100% true, maybe too extreme? IDK

Following an alkaline diet means choosing fruits and vegetables over higher-calorie, higher-fat choices.

Foods that contain more alkaline are foods like:  fruits, nuts, legumes, and vegetables.

Food that are more acidic:  meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs, grains, alcohol.

So in general, what I try to do is eat 5-10 fruits and vegetables a day, and eat nuts for more protein.

I love lemon juice, but I read that it doesn’t help balance your pH much, that it just adjust the pH in your urine. I drink it anyway. It helps your body absorb vitamin C, which helps your immune system, which is great for winter months.

Some health benefits of lemon juice:

  • Can lower cholesterol
  • Contains a lot of vitamin C, yay for the immune system!
  • Increases energy and metabolism.
  • Decreases inflammation in the body

Sound just like the benefits of eating healthier and having an alkaline diet. I love lemons so I put lemons on my food, and in my water! I struggle with energy and a sluggish metabolism, so I don’t mind trying lemon juice, it’s yummy.

I also love fruits and veggies, I feel so much better when I eat healthier.

I have a demanding job, and kiddos at home to raise, that deserve my best. I need to be healthy and have energy!

Hope this blog post helps, or encourages!