The act of forgiveness.

Forgiveness sets you free. Free from anger and bitterness that is keeping you from living a fuller life. You can not live life to the fullest if you are weighed down by anger! Forgiveness stops the control that others have on you and your deep inner thoughts. It is a lot of work to be angry. When you realize that this person no longer can control you, and your thoughts because you are angry, this is where freedom comes. Forgiveness is where the saying “Don’t let people get the best of you”, comes into play. Think about it. 

When you are angry at someone for what ever reason, you keep playing in your head what they did. This anger is unproductive, and is weight you down. 

You cannot control what other people do, but you can control how you react. Do not be weighed down by grudges. You don’t carry a burden that is not mean for you to carry. You are not responsible for others actions, so don’t start taking responsibility for what they do. . You do not need to waste your time being angry and seeking revenge. This accomplishes nothing, and is a complete waste of time, while you could be doing something better. 

Do not let the offence happen again, and don’t be quick to trust people. People are not perfect, and people are in fact going to hurt you. We are all human. We are selfish in our innate self. When we are angry we are using our primitive brain, not or evolved brain, which is higher functioning. We are better than this, and capable of more. 

 Have boundaries with people and be assertive. Assertiveness is standing up for your existence. Don’t apologize for being you. Do not let people walk all over you. Don’t take things to personally. 

Set yourself free. Forgive those who have hurt you. Learn, and move on. Use every bad experience to learn from. Think about ways to apply boundaries to not let the offence happen again. Do not let the chains of anger hold you down, and move on to the next best thing. There is higher ground to be climbed in life, than this! 

We can constantly improve. Do not let anger from past offenses keep you back. Forgiveness takes a huge weight off your shoulders. Do not give too much of yourself for people to hurt. You are worth more than this and can do better! There is always room for improvement, and there is always lessons to be learned! 

What to do if you have periodontal disease, and how to maintain dental health.

Since I had my daughter I developed periodontal disease, which is where your gums receded. I was just so sick when I was pregnant with her. You can read that story here.

My dentist told me I had periodontal disease. Your gums receded at different levels.

  • Stage 1: is 1-2 millimeters of gum recession is gingivitis.
  • Stage 2: 4-5 millimeters of recession is early periodontal disease.
  • Stage 3 is your gums recede 6-7 millimeters. Which is moderate periodontist.
  • Stage 4 where your gums recede deeper than 7 millimeters is advance periodontal, where your gums infected, and you can have severe tooth pain.  You are also at risk for cancer, heart disease, and diabetes when you reach this stage.

I do not ever want to get to stage 4 or my gum recession to advance at all, so I really take care of my dental health. My gums are receded 2-4 millimeters, and I intend to hopefully keep it that way. You gums never grow back. Gum recession is irreversible. I need to maintain what gums I have.

How do I do this?

First I brush twice a day with, for at least two minutes, with Toothpaste for Enamel Strengthening in the morning and at night I use Gum Detoxify Deep Clean. I make sure I brush gently in circles so that I do not cause more recession.

Then I use mouth wash. I use one fluoride mouth wash, and I use one antiseptic mouth wash to kill the germs.

Then I use a water flosser which reaches more surfaces where dental floss cannot reach and kills bacteria.

Then I floss with regular floss. Flossing is good for your health and can prevent heart disease. I try to floss twice a day, but let’s be honest, we’re all busy, I don’t always have the time.

I use: GCA MI Paste , which has floride. Floride helps your enamel stay strong and prevents cavities.

I hate tooth pain, and I want to have good dental health. So this is my routine.


Begin life in style with!

Remember to make the most out of what you have.

“Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but of playing a poor hand well.” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

I love this quote. This quote reminds me that I do not need perfect circumstances in order to achieve my dreams.

You don’t need a certain amount of money to be happy. You don’t need to have perfected skills to get that job, with time comes progress. Keep going, and you will get better.

Do not let things keep you back just because your circumstances aren’t as good as you’d like.  Take the first step. Think you don’t have time for school? Make time, and go part time.

Remember the days of the Great Depression in the 30’s? These people made the most out of what they had. I learned this because my Great Grandma lived until she was 97.

Don’t use excuses from the past. Just keep moving forward. Do not let anything get in your way!

Make the most of what you have now. Do not wait until you have that new car, have enough, or have enough time. You will run out of time with that kind of mindset.

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My experience with the Paragard IUD, and story about having part of it stuck in me for life.

This post isn’t intended to scare anyone away from IUD’s. After 10 years of having the paragard IUD, I got another one inserted, and still recommend it, because for 10+ years, it has done what it is intended to do, which is prevent pregnancy!

I couldn’t imagine having another baby with a preteen, and a teenager, working my difficult job as a caregiver, and trying to support my two children, and then buying my kids their first car and paying for College while having a toddler or preschooler.

Last year I went to get my IUD taken out because I have had it for 10 years already. Paragard IUD’s are good for 10-12 years. I didn’t want to take any chances. When the midwife pulled out my IUD slowly, it hurt so badly. I mean so much pain that I felt like I was going to pass out. When she showed it to me, the arm of the IUD was missing. She got the OBGYN and did an ultrasound, and they couldn’t find it.

My OBGYN said this is very rare for this to happen, so I am one of the lucky ones. I still don’t want anyone to worry about this happening because I have another IUD, and it probably will not happen this time. If it does, it is still not that bad. Remember you are supposed to go back one month after insertion to make sure it is in the correct spot. I also use spermicide since the arm of the IUD broke off before, and we do not want anymore babies.

They sent me down to X-ray, and did another ultrasound. They saw something in my pelvis, but that is all the X-ray said. They couldn’t really pin point where it was so they wanted to do a hysteroscopy, where the doctor puts a camera in the uterus. This is considered a minor surgery.

I went to the hysteroscopy, and they gave me two pain pills. I was so out of it and weak I couldn’t walk. I was talking the nurses ear off, about nothing really, poor nurse. Then they gave me a shot in my cervix and I had ringing in my ears. They put oxygen on me as well. Then I felt better after only 10 seconds. They put the camera in my uterus to find the IUD but did not find it. So after she could not find it, she inserted another Paragard IUD.

After the surgery I felt weak, drowsy, and out of it, but only for an hour. The next day it wasn’t too painful at all. I just popped an Ibuprofen. This procedure was easy, and painless. The only thing that bothered me was the pain pills and their side effects.

So to recap I don’t know if the IUD was in place before my midwife took it out, and as she was pulling it out it if it broke off then or beforehand? I don’t know if it is embedded in my uterus or not. It could of broke off years ago and was still effective.

So what is the paragard IUD, and how does it work? The paragard IUD is a T-shapped  copper coil that is inserted into the uterus, the copper acts like spermicide, and is toxic to sperm. It is more than 99% effective, no birth control is 100%. It is almost effective as sterilization.

It is non hormonal and makes your periods heavier, and more cramping. My periods are just heavier, I do not have bad cramps. I choose paragard, because I hate hormonal birth control. I’ve tried it all, the pills, the depo, hormonal IUD’s, nuvaring, and Nexplanon that goes in your arm.

Hormonal birth control makes me gain weight, depressed, anxious and moody. With paragard I feel overall pretty normal. No weight gain, and stable emotionally. Some people claim that paragard gives people copper toxicity, but I don’t know if there is enough copper. The medical doctor says there is not enough, but I am not so sure about this. I do have anxiety and depression, but it is managed.

So there you have it, I have an arm of an IUD stuck inside of me somewhere, for the rest of my life. I have pictures of it if you dare look. I also have the X-ray report.

Disclosure: Always seek medical advice from a licensed professional. These are merly my opinions but cannot in no way replace the advice of an doctor, or anyone else as a medical profession.


The rest of it is somewhere in my body. It is supposed to be a T-shape.




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10 Ways to stay healthy this flu season…

~ Get your flu shot- The flu shot is a dead virus. You cannot get sick from it. It prevents flu, and reduces hospitalization, especially for people with lung issues, and diabetes. If you happen to get the flu, the severity of it is less. It also protects those around you, like elderly and small children.

~ Wash your hands- Really wash your hands. With soap and warm water. Scrub your hands front, back, in between fingers, and also your nails, for at least 20 seconds. Make sure to dry your hands, because germs like wetness. I know this sounds silly but I have worked in healthcare for 12 years, and have been really sick, and noticed that washing your hands makes a huge difference. If you have kids, think of a fun song you can sing. The “Happy Birthday” song is 20 seconds.

~ Exercise- Exercise get’s the blood flowing and the t-cells, and white blood cells circulating, so they can be there to fight of sickness and infection.
~ Eat Healthy- Proper nourishment helps promote cellular functions of the immune system. Eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day.

~ Take Vitamin C and D3. There are studies that show that D3 prevents flu, helps the immune system, and it always helps with depression. Also get outside to get vitamin D absorption through the sun.
Vitamin C supports a healthy immune system. It helps the cells that fight off disease work better. It is also an antioxidant.

~ Get enough sleep- Your body repairs itself when you sleep. Including blood vessels and your heart. Hence you circulation so that you can fight off sickness. If you sleep as much as your body needs, you will not be as stressed out. Sleep keeps your immune system working properly.

~ Take a cold shower- Yes! Alternating between hot and cold water in the shower
improves circulation. Do this when you are healthy. Cold water makes your blood move to the organs to make your body warm, water causes the opposite effect and causes the blood to move to the skin. This improves circulation. Cold water makes your body produce more white blood cells and makes your immune system stronger.

~ Manage Stress- Enjoy a hobby and life in general. Talk to positive people. Do not take little things in life to serious, and find ways to cope and solutions to what is bothering you.
The stress hormone, cortisol suppresses your immune system.

~ Avoid Sick People- So that you don’t catch there germs in case you body might not be able to fight it off. Wear a mask at the doctors office or in the E.R. The hospital is a great place to catch sickness.

~Drink plenty of water- Water gives your cells a better change at circulating around your blood stream to fight off infection, and sickness. Water clears toxins and keeps all your systems working efficiently.

Disclosure: These are just tips I used for myself as merely a caregiver in the health care field. In no way can any of my advice replace a medical doctors advice.

Stay healthy this flu season! <3 $100 Off Any Nectar Mattress!

Oh my aching back!

How to help your back pain…


I work as an caregiver in assisted living. It provides “enhanced care”, for the elderly. What I mean by this is, roughly a third of our 70 residents are either totally dependent on us, or need a lot of help to stand or be transferred. We use hoyer lifts and sit to stands. We take care of residents that have had strokes that paralyze on side of their body, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, or they are elderly and frail. We assist or completely transfer them to bed, bathroom, and shower. Change them in bed.


Don’t get me wrong. I love my job. I am just trying to explain what I do for a living. I’m not complaining or anything. I have been a caregiver for a decade. It is my calling. Caring for those who cannot care for themselves, brightening up someone’s day, being there for someone during their darkest time, holding someone’s hand while they take their last breath, because their family isn’t present. Keeping them nourished, preventing falls. Making their last days count, and improving their lives. I used to be an activity director. The bond I make with them, I feel like they are my second family. I will never quit, regardless of back pain.


Improper body mechanics. This is one reason why my back hurts. That and you are lifting a human being and they move when you’re doing a transfer. Seriously though, when lifting anything, save your back! Lift like you are doing a squat in the gym. Make sure you keep your back straight. Keep your legs shoulder width apart or whatever you feel is best. Use proper body mechanics, especially if you have a physically demanding job! Or just in general, because you only have one back. I also buss the dining room, as in lift heavy trays. My back is killing me today. I go home with back pain, soreness and fatigued. I get burning sensations in my arms and so on.


So, what do I do to keep going? For example, my back hurt so bad today, I had to lay in massage chair today before work. My caregiver friends come over and use my massage chair. I’m happy to help. Stretching, yoga and Pilates!


Do stretches such as, laying on the floor on your back and stretch out your arms and legs. Put your foot on your knee, take your knee to the floor, and your opposite hand, and upper body to the opposite side. Stand up and reach above your head. Put your hands on your hips and stretch your back backwards, and to the side. Also, go to the gym and use weight machines to get your back stronger. If you have heart problems or in general consult your doctor about exercises and so on. I rarely have time for the gym. I’m a working Mom. I feel like I have no time. Exercising and eating healthy helps, but I don’t want to sound hypocritical because working five days a week, and being blessed with two daughters, I just can’t find time.


I get massages every chance I get. Deep tissue massage. It helps so much. It’s such a stress and anxiety reliever. I feel human again, after getting a massage. I invested in a massage chair. Best investment I’ve made. I didn’t care how much or if I had the money or not. I also use tiger balm. I also have a massage chair. It’s a life saver for when I do not have the money for a massage. It relieves pain, and helps me keep going. 


I am worried about how much pain I will have when I am older. I see first hand how much pain the older population is in pain. Hopefully, I can stay in shape as I age, but easier said than done. My parents tell me that it is heart healthy to have a physically demanding job vs sitting all day. My Mom read an article about how having a sit down job is as bad as smoking. I wonder how true that is. We all gotta do what we gotta do to make money. My job is wearing me out. Maybe I can find a sit down job, and work on day a week as a caregiver.


Thanks for reading. If you have back pain or any type of pain, I sympathize. I feel what you are going through.

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Rest and relaxation.

When you have time off from this hectic, fast paced world, make sure you take time to give your body soul and mind rest. Take on day of the week to just relax. This way you can be ready to take on whatever comes next. You will be more productive, and balanced if you rest. Make sure you listen to your body. Do not feel like you are being lazy or ashamed of taking a rest day. Clear your mind and rest your body.

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How to stay healthy this winter.

Untitled design (2)

I work in assisted living with a lot of people and a lot of germs. I do care, I assist them with basically everything. Sometimes, I am not allowed to call in sick because the residents are dependent on me and I hate working sick and we are short staffed all the time. I also have an elementary age and middle school aged children that bring home sickness. Since the elderly population immune system is weaker, they are more at risk for sickness and disease.

There is a lot of viruses, influenza, and pneumonia going around every year. So how do I stay healthy? I don’t always stay healthy but I do most of the time. I’ve read up online on how to stay healthy so I have done my research. You can use these tips for the whole family.

Flu season is approaching us. Trust me you don’t want influenza. Influenza is more in the lungs and body aches more so than it is having a stomach bug. Stomach flu is gastroenteritis. Influenza is awful. First of all you all know this. Wash your hands. Really wash your hands for at least 20 seconds or as long as the happy birthday song. In health care, and in meetings they are always telling us to wash your hands. The first thing you learn in nurses aide training, wash your hands. It is the first skill I preformed for the state board test for CNA. I also carry hand sanitizer for my kids for when they come home from school. They say in microbiology that kills the good bacteria but I’m to OCD and germaphobe.

Next vitamins. I had a doctor tell me that you just flush out the vitamin’s and that vitamins are just a marketing scheme. I don’t believe here’s why. One day I wasn’t feeling good. I had a nasty virus. My manager told me that I had to come in. I didn’t get any sleep because I was sick and upset. I had to come in at 6 in the morning. I worked but it was miserable. I could barely do my job. I went home and took 3 tabs of airborne and felt better. I took one airborne everyday and stayed healthy for almost a year. Which was shocking because I got sick a lot beforehand, since I work in healthcare. Airborne has 1,000 mgs of vitamin c. Vitamin c helps the cells that regulate the immune system and it also has e which helps the immune system as well. I also take herbs like garlic, Andrographis and elderberry. If you have influenza, take elderberry syrup and oscillococcinum together. Also, oregano oil. Oregano oil can kill strep bacteria. Also, the same doctor that told me not to take vitamins, told me to take vitamin D3. You can also get out in the sun for some D. Fresh herbs with cooking also helps. Probiotics and prebiotics. Most of our immune system lives inside of our gut.

Green tea is full of antioxidants and flushes toxins. Also, drink plenty of water. Also fish oil is awesome for brain health. You can also use a netti pot, because you inhale germs and you can flush these germs out to prevent illness. If you run out of the solution that goes with it you can use salt. Also gargle with salt water. Kills bacteria in the throat.

OK, we all know this healthy diet and exercise. When I was sick in bed researching, I kept coming across this. Try to eat at least 5-10 fruits and veggies a day. Try to cut down on sugar because it represses the immune system. Aim for a goal of exercise 3-5 days a week for 30 minutes. You can walk, swim, run, whatever you like. I like one day of strength training, one cardio day, and one stretching yoga day.

Stress. Manage your stress. Stress wreaks havock on our bodies, and makes our immune system weaker. Don’t take life too serious. Have some “me” time, and do what makes you happy! Enjoy your hobbies, and spend time with people that build you up!

So there you have it. This is what I have found from my research and have tried. It’s worked for me. Germs are everywhere, especially for me because if I’m not around the elderly, I’m around little kids. I have asthma so I gotta stay healthy. You can use these tips for your children as well. I try to get my kids out in the fresh air for exercise and vitamin D at least 5 times a week. Being outside, and being exposed to some germs and bacteria is good. There is good in bad bacteria all around us, and even in our bodies. Being exposed to germs early on helps us build our immune systems.

Stay healthy this flu season!

The acidic and alkaline connection. Also health benefits of lemons.


I’m sure we’ve all read that we need to eat healthy, and balance or diet and so on.

Acid, and alkaline are pH levels in our body, let’s look at the benefits of balancing our pH levels. And also, let’s look deeper into a healthier diet, and it’s benefits.

The pH value ranges from 0–14:

  • Acidic: 0.0–6.9
  • Neutral: 7.0
  • Alkaline (or basic): 7.1–14.0

Acidic food are items such as: Processed foods, Sugars, Grains, sodas, and so on.

The symptoms of having too high of an Acidic pH are: Fatigue, headache, sleepiness, lack of appetite.

Hence, if you have low energy, try changing your diet to a more alkaline diet. I have low energy sometimes, so I try to work on this.

So let’s just into this. The benefits of an Alkaline diet:

  •  Reduces inflammation. Hence your muscles will work better. Can also reduce back pain!
  • Age relating muscle wasting can be slowed down by a alkaline diet!
  •  helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol which are big risk factors for heart disease.
  • Some studies suggest that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment, but I’m not sure if that’s 100% true, maybe too extreme? IDK

Following an alkaline diet means choosing fruits and vegetables over higher-calorie, higher-fat choices.

Foods that contain more alkaline are foods like:  fruits, nuts, legumes, and vegetables.

Food that are more acidic:  meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs, grains, alcohol.

So in general, what I try to do is eat 5-10 fruits and vegetables a day, and eat nuts for more protein.

I love lemon juice, but I read that it doesn’t help balance your pH much, that it just adjust the pH in your urine. I drink it anyway. It helps your body absorb vitamin C, which helps your immune system, which is great for winter months.

Some health benefits of lemon juice:

  • Can lower cholesterol
  • Contains a lot of vitamin C, yay for the immune system!
  • Increases energy and metabolism.
  • Decreases inflammation in the body

Sound just like the benefits of eating healthier and having an alkaline diet. I love lemons so I put lemons on my food, and in my water! I struggle with energy and a sluggish metabolism, so I don’t mind trying lemon juice, it’s yummy.

I also love fruits and veggies, I feel so much better when I eat healthier.

I have a demanding job, and kiddos at home to raise, that deserve my best. I need to be healthy and have energy!

Hope this blog post helps, or encourages!






F.E.A.R Forget Everything and Run or, Face Everything and Rise.


Don’t run from your problems, face them. Running causes anxiety. Face your problems with confidence. In the long run, it will be more beneficial for you, in the long run.

Anxiety is caused by the flight or fright response from our brain, back in caveman days. Train your brain to face what’s bothering you!

Overcome anxiety! I have had anxiety for over 20 years. It takes a while, but I have learned many ways to overcome it!