How I keep my hair healthy and shiny.

This is how I keep my hair looking good on a budget.

My hair is dry, wavy, and thick. I have a routine to keep it healthy, and shiny.

  • First the night before I wash my hair, I put Suave leave in conditioner  and I sleep with it in.
  • Then I wash my hair with any Shampoo and Conditioner advertises as being moisturizing. I make sure that I am rubbing the conditioner in my hair very well with friction. I also turn the water off, and I comb my hair with a pick.
  • Then I put a little bit of hair oil in my hair. I always use heat protector when I use the hair dryer or curling iron. 

Sometimes I put olive oil or coconut oil in my hair as well.

I can get away with washing my hair once a week by using dry shampoo. Only wash your hair when it needs it. I only apply heat to my hair once a week as well. I only blow dry it once a week, and rarely curl it. However, the heat protector helps a lot.

My hair grows really fast. I’m not sure if it is how I can for it or if it’s because of my diet (taking vitamin supplements, and eating protein) or a combination of both.

I find the cheap products work well enough for me. Which is good because I’m on a budget.

Hope this helps! =)

These are pictures of my hair. I cut off more than a foot. I know it will grow back fast, and grow back nice and healthy.