Father’s Day questions for young kids. Free printable.

I used to do these questionnaires with my girls when they were young for their Father and Grandpa on Father’s Day, they are hilarious when little kids fill them out. Father’s Day Questionnaire for kids. (printable) 1. My Dad’s Name Is _________________________________________. 2. My Dad is____ Years old. 3.My Dad’s job is _____________________________________________. 4. My …

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Happy Mother’s Day!

When I gave birth to my daughters’ I experienced an indescribable love for them, it was love at first sight. They isn’t anything that I wouldn’t do for my precious baby girls. The relationship between mother and child is mysterious. I have intuition and know when something is wrong or if something happens, even if …

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10 ways to go green, in honor of Earth Day.

Don’t waste water. Fill up the kitchen sink to wash dishes, instead of constantly running the water, to rinse dishes off. Don’t buy water in plastic bottles, but a water bottle instead. Reuse water from water bottles and cups to water plants! 🙂 2. Use public transportation, or carpool. Get some exercise and go for …

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National Caregivers Day, is the third Friday of February, which was yesterday! One this day we honor hospice workers and long-term facility caregivers. Caregivers are the front line workers that keep the building running. They make sure your loved one is taken care of. We toilet, shower, feed, dress. We run around all day answering …


Tips for a long lasting marriage.

Today my husband and I celebrate 16 year of marriage! We started dating 17 years ago on Valentines Day, and we got married a year later. Here is what I’ve learned from being married for 16 years. I’ve learned that communication is key, as long as honesty. They go hand and hand. I know this …

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