This is peace…

and quiet. Ahhh! Relief. 

At the top of North Table Mesa in  Golden, Colorado. 

I can see the city but I cannot hear it.

I cannot hear anything at all. I don’t hear any kids, neighbors, pages from patients. I hear nothing, but my thoughts.

This is peace, this is stillness. This is where I get my mind right. This is where I reset myself to where I should be. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It looks beautiful from here but being in the city constantly wears on my soul. Here my soul is restored, in nature. This is how life should be.

Go for a walk or go hiking. Go to a quiet place in nature. It is good for your mind body and soul.

I pushed myself to make it up the hill without stopping

This is my cute hiking buddy, and his real name is “Buddy”. 

These are my hiking friends. <3 

Looking into Denver 

I can see Boulder Colorado from here in the above picture. 

An oasis of peace, and beauty. May I never stop hiking. 

My favorite hiking spot!

This is my favorite go to hiking spot for when I don’t have much time. If I have a few hours of free time before getting the kids from school I go hiking at North Table Mountain Park . I can hike up and down the trail in less than an hour, and it is 20 minutes away from Denver, depending on the time of day and traffic. This trail is in Golden, Colorado, in the foothills. Golden has great, close hiking trails, and absolutely beautiful scenery. If you don’t have much time, but are looking for a good hike in nature, and would like to get some good exercise, this is your spot!

It has gorgeous scenery. Colorado is beautiful and I love hiking, I could never move anywhere else. I also take the dogs, it is great exercise for both of us.

Here are some pictures, just stunning:


You can pretty much hike strait up and down if you don’t have much time, but if you have time there are plenty of other trails.



I am so fortunate to live in such a beautiful state, with a endless opportunities for outdoor recreation.


I’m at the top, I am so out of breath. I need to get in better shape.


The pups love it, and it keeps them in shape, and gets rid of there tremendous amount of energy.


Here is a trail map:


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Homelessness in Colorado

I took my daughters to the park. This is a park we have been going to since they were born. It is a very nice park, with a pond, geese, large playground equipment and lots of grass to run around and get their energy out.

After I let them play on the playground, while I went for a jog, I told them “Let’s go walk the dogs around the lake”. Midway through the walk a homeless lady was sitting down at the picnic table with her mates. She sees us, and she gets up and storms towards us. She starts yelling at us. Lucky, I have my puggle with me, and he scared her away, thank goodness. My girls, and I walk away. My poor daughters were in tears. They are not used to this kind of situation, because it has just recently changed so much in Colorado.

I was at Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, with my family and a lady was panhandling my elderly sick Dad. She was starting to get aggressive. I became very protective, and I was so pissed. I walked up to them and she took off.

I had a homeless man that is regularly around my house, he came in my backyard and tried to get in my house, lucky my dog scared him away.

These instances are new for me. I have lived here all my life. I used to leave my doors unlocked, and I used to go anywhere, anytime and nothing happened.

The homeless population is increasing rapidly in Denver . I am not sure why?

I read an article that homelessness is increasing because they are coming here for jobs and not because of the legalization of marijuana. I don’t know what to think but I still love Denver, and I just think I need to beware of my surroundings and carry pepper spray.

I’m not used to this though. I like to go wherever and not have to worry, and pay attention, and do my own thing.