Christmas countdown 37 Day! Ahhh So not ready yet!

Christmas tree from last year.

Seriously, I have 37 days to get ready for Christmas. I have not done a single thing. I still need to mail Christmas cards to my large family, I have not done any Christmas shopping. My daughter’s birthday is in December as well. I really need to get it together! 😀

I am such a procrastinator. I am just so busy and I need to be more organized in my life, especially with my time management.

I am also excited to buy custom Christmas cards with my families pictures , because I try to make my own Christmas cards through adobe, and I am not a graphic designer. Well, I am not as good as these companies:


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Christmas is right around the corner!

This site contains affiliate links. 

I love Christmas, mostly because I get to spend time with my family. I work all the time! I love the decorations, giving gifts, spoiling the kids, and getting into the Christmas spirit.
I used to create my own Christmas cards with Adobe Photoshop, but I am job not that great at it! 
I found a few web sites with customized Christmas cards, I’m trying to decide which site to use, and which card to pick. These Christmas cards look so much better than the ones I make! HAHA. 
I have a big family, and most of my family is out of state, so it is nice to send pictures of the kids. 
I’m trying to decide who to go through to make a custom Christmas card. 
I am thinking about going through, or I’ll post an update afterwards! =) 
I also found customized Christmas tags. has free holiday printables! How cool. Thought I’d share. 🙂