How reading benefits your child. (The power of reading).

  • Promotes brain growth and development.
  • Kids who read well, preform better in other subjects, not just literacy.
  • Helps your child learn to be more empathetic. They better understand the emotions of others.
  • Children who read well preform well on tests, including non-verbal tests.
  • Develops vocabulary.
  • Improves memory.
  • Promotes analytic skills and thinking critically.
  • Reading promotes creativity, and children who read have a  stronger imagination.
  • Develops stronger focus, and improves concentration.
  • Children who read are intelligent.
  • Helps your child become a better writer.
  • It is inspiring, and creates motivation.

Children who read also can relax as well, and reap all these benefits listed about.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” ~ Dr. Seuss. 

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Benefits of reading for Adults.

  • Alzheimer’s prevention- Using your brain prevents Alzheimer’s. The brain can deteriorate if not used actively. The term use it or lose it applies here. You brain is a muscle and need to work out.
  • Increases vocabulary and comprehension. Which in turn can increase your self esteem and confidence. Also help you be a better public speaker. You can better communicate in life, which is a great life skill to have.
  • Have more interesting conversations.
  • It prevents memory loss, according to studies.
  • It is relaxing. Calms your busy mind, and redirects your mind to another place.
  • Helps you be more empathetic. Also you can “read” people better.
  • Keeps your mind focused, and alert. Hence, helps you focus better. Increases mental stimulation, which prevents Alzheimer’s as mentioned before.
  • Prevents depression. You can escape reality and go to another reality.
  • Can help you sleep at night. It is better to read before bed, than it is to look at a blue screen. The computer screen keeps your mind awake at night.
  • Increase in knowledge. No one can take knowledge from you. You can apply your knowledge in real life. You never know when it will help you.
  • Helps you have a more critical mind, and make better decisions. Helps you be more analytical and think better.
  • Helps you write better! Yay for us bloggers!
  • It is free entertainment, if you go to the library.