F.E.A.R Forget Everything and Run or, Face Everything and Rise.


Don’t run from your problems, face them. Running causes anxiety. Face your problems with confidence. In the long run, it will be more beneficial for you, in the long run.

Anxiety is caused by the flight or fright response from our brain, back in caveman days. Train your brain to face what’s bothering you!

Overcome anxiety! I have had anxiety for over 20 years. It takes a while, but I have learned many ways to overcome it!

Saturday Meditation

EKpRwduWoAI0Qyj A lot of things that we worry about, never happen! We cannot predict what will happen next, in most cases. You never know what tomorrow will bring. Enjoy the little things in life, and focus on the good. You are enough, and you’ve got this.

Inhale the good, exhale the bad. Relax. Enjoy lives unpredictability.