Tips for a long lasting marriage.

Today my husband and I celebrate 16 year of marriage! We started dating 17 years ago on Valentines Day, and we got married a year later.

Here is what I’ve learned from being married for 16 years.

I’ve learned that communication is key, as long as honesty. They go hand and hand. I know this is cliche, but it is true.

For example, if something is bothering me I tell him. If something he does makes me angry I tell him, and we work it out. I tell him exactly how I am feeling.

As a women I can tell if something is bothering him. I forced it out of him! Then we talk.

In the beginning years of our marriage we would argue a lot, we still do but not much. We have had rough patches, but all couples do.

Men and women are so different as well. I feel like I have learned this well through out the years. Women like to talk about how they are feeling, and men do not like to express emotions, or we have to help them express their emotions. It’s communication.

I’ve read the book “The Five Love Languages”, by Gary Chapman. This book helped a little, my husband and I have different love languages but it helps you express love how your partner hears love the best.

Another thing, women like to talk about how they are feeling, and just talk. Men just like to fix everything. I just tell my husband to listen, I’m “venting”.

Not everyone is the same. I get that. These are my experiences.

We feel like a settled down old couple. We can predict what each other will do next. I know what he is going to do and say. We are comfortable, happy, and settled down.

Here is a picture of our big day:



This is my Dad walking me down the isle:


I was only 21.