90 Day Fiancee…

Poor quality pic. On break at work…

I’m watching 90 day fiancee, at work, on break. In my opinion it looks dumb to me (this particular episode), like these people are using Americans to get a green card and for money, but it is entertaining, nevertheless, because I like to watch people’s behaviors.

Well, enough of the entertainment, I need to go shower someone….

Jane the Virgin on Netflix

I hardly watch anything on the T.V. I would rather read or be on the web, but “Jane The Virgin” on Netflix caught my interest, which is really difficult to do by the way.

“Jane The Virgin”, is about a young Catholic girl, who accidentally gets artificially inseminated by the OBGYN during her PAP smear, hence the title “Jane The Virgin”. All throughout the story she has a love triangle between her baby Daddy, and her boyfriend named Michael. The baby daddy whose name is Rafael, the owner of the sperm that she was inseminated with, is also the brother of the OBGYN that accidentally inseminated her. She had her Rafael propose to her but then she ended up marrying her Michael. Rafael has a psycho ex mother in law, ends up faking Jane’s husbands death and giving him amnesia. Four years passed since her husbands fake death and she falls in love with Rafael.

Then Michael shows up with amnesia. She spends time with Michael to see where it takes her, and it breaks Rafael’s heart. She goes to Montana with Michael, and realizes that she loves Rafael. She goes back to Rafael, and he is so hurt and just wants to move on, which leaves Jane with no one.

That’s where I am at in the Netflix series, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

World Diabetes Day November 14

Diabetes is a disease where your pancreas makes too much or too little of the hormone insulin. Insulin helps your body regulate your blood sugar and convert it into energy. When you have diabetes, your blood glucose, or blood sugar, is too high, or too low which is called hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia, can cause a diabetic coma. Blood glucose is one of the main sources of energy, that comes from the food we consume.

There are two types of diabetes. Type one and type two. Type 1, is where your immune system attacks the cells in your pancreas that make insulin. People with type one diabetes need insulin everyday. Type one is more common in children and younger people.

Type 2 diabetes, is the most common form of diabetes, and usually occurs in older people, but can occur anytime through the lifespan. Type two diabetes is where your pancreas doesn’t make insulin as it should.

Why do people get diabetes, partially genetic, and poor diet, not enough exercise. Over 50% of diabetes is preventable. 1 in 2 people with type two diabetes don’t know they have it.

Signs of diabetes: Excessive thirst, fatigue, dizziness, blurred vision, and nausea.

Diabetes can cause other health problems such as: Heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, and foot problems.

I have been a caregiver, and a Med. Tech, for years and have taken care of many diabetics. I used to take their blood sugar and hand them their insulin for them to administer themselves. I’ve had one lady that lost her leg because of diabetes. I never had anyone go into a diabetic coma.

Diabetics have to watch what they eat. Mostly veggies and lean protein.

As you age, I recommend eating healthy and exercising, to prevent health problems. I aim for working out five days a week, eating 5-8 veggies and fruits a day, and eating lean protein, and trying to avoid sugars and fried food, easier said than done.

The Grand Canyon

My trip to the Grand Canyon back in 2006

The Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful place I have ever been to. I went back in 2006, after I had my first born. I went hiking, because I’m adventurous and as a Colorado Native, I love hiking, and I fell. I was Ok, but not recovered enough to go hiking.

Anyway the deep valleys of the Grand Canyon will leave you speechless. It just goes on and on forever. I hope I get to go back someday…

The full moon…

Full Moon Outside my Backyard…Sorry for the poor photography 🙁
The full moon is pretty…. Too bad I can’t get a better quality photo. It’s cold outside.

I don’t know what it is about the full moon, but I feel energized. I have researched the effects the full moon has on people yet.

You know what it is like to work in healthcare when there is a full moon?

It is crazy busy. Everyone is paging, the residents get confused, or angered easily. They start having behaviors, and get violent in memory care. I just run back and forth doing the best I can to get my job done. I mean it’s fine for them to act this way, they pay a lot to live there, and I get paid to take care of them, but I dread working when there is a full moon.

I didn’t believe the hype about a full moon, until I worked in health care. I wonder what it is about the full moon that influences energy levels, and behaviors? There is a saying that the crazies come out during a full moon.

As I drop my daughter off at youth group for the first time…

I dropped my daughter off at church for youth group for her first time. It will be a good influence on her. I used to go to youth group every Wednesday in High School. It changed my life, and I had the best time of my life in youth group. We went on fun retreats, and also went skiing.

I was feeling anxious. How did my daughter grow up so fast, and how did I get so old? Time just flies, and that made me have anxiety for a minute.

I feel like an old lady as I cook dinner, do dishes, laundry, clean the house and drop my daughter off at youth group. It feels like yesterday I was in High School. Time sure does fly….

My 90 year old resident colored me a picture.

So sweet. Just fills my heart with love. She is so cute, and sweet. She is also very feisty! That’s how they get because they are losing control over their life.

I am a caregiver in assisted living for the elderly. The average age is 88 in assisted living.

I have another resident, that drew a picture of my kids and I. She did very well, considering that she was 90 years old as well.

That time my car was on fire

I bought an older car from and elderly lady, with low mileage. I had it paid off, I was glad I didn’t have to make a car payment. It only had 40,000 miles on it. I used it for about 3-4 years, and reached the 100,000 mile mark, with no problems. Happiness.

One day I was in my house, and my neighbor rang the doorbell a bunch of times, I thought to myself, “What the heck”? I came outside and the neighbor said, “Your cars on fire”. I freaked out. The fire department came and put out my car fire. Good thing my neighbor saw it, my house could of caught on fire. Luckily everything turned out fine, and no one was hurt. I have no idea how this happened. I take the car in for regular maintenance and everything.

I was shattered. I felt stranded, so I got another car, and it’s a nice Toyota. 

My Toyota is nice, I don’t trust people, so I am buying a dash cam for my car, for security.