The full moon…

Full Moon Outside my Backyard…Sorry for the poor photography 🙁
The full moon is pretty…. Too bad I can’t get a better quality photo. It’s cold outside.

I don’t know what it is about the full moon, but I feel energized. I have researched the effects the full moon has on people yet.

You know what it is like to work in healthcare when there is a full moon?

It is crazy busy. Everyone is paging, the residents get confused, or angered easily. They start having behaviors, and get violent in memory care. I just run back and forth doing the best I can to get my job done. I mean it’s fine for them to act this way, they pay a lot to live there, and I get paid to take care of them, but I dread working when there is a full moon.

I didn’t believe the hype about a full moon, until I worked in health care. I wonder what it is about the full moon that influences energy levels, and behaviors? There is a saying that the crazies come out during a full moon.

As I drop my daughter off at youth group for the first time…

I dropped my daughter off at church for youth group for her first time. It will be a good influence on her. I used to go to youth group every Wednesday in High School. It changed my life, and I had the best time of my life in youth group. We went on fun retreats, and also went skiing.

I was feeling anxious. How did my daughter grow up so fast, and how did I get so old? Time just flies, and that made me have anxiety for a minute.

I feel like an old lady as I cook dinner, do dishes, laundry, clean the house and drop my daughter off at youth group. It feels like yesterday I was in High School. Time sure does fly….

My 90 year old resident colored me a picture.

So sweet. Just fills my heart with love. She is so cute, and sweet. She is also very feisty! That’s how they get because they are losing control over their life.

I am a caregiver in assisted living for the elderly. The average age is 88 in assisted living.

I have another resident, that drew a picture of my kids and I. She did very well, considering that she was 90 years old as well.

That time my car was on fire

I bought an older car from and elderly lady, with low mileage. I had it paid off, I was glad I didn’t have to make a car payment. It only had 40,000 miles on it. I used it for about 3-4 years, and reached the 100,000 mile mark, with no problems. Happiness.

One day I was in my house, and my neighbor rang the doorbell a bunch of times, I thought to myself, “What the heck”? I came outside and the neighbor said, “Your cars on fire”. I freaked out. The fire department came and put out my car fire. Good thing my neighbor saw it, my house could of caught on fire. Luckily everything turned out fine, and no one was hurt. I have no idea how this happened. I take the car in for regular maintenance and everything.

I was shattered. I felt stranded, so I got another car, and it’s a nice Toyota. 

My Toyota is nice, I don’t trust people, so I am buying a dash cam for my car, for security. 

That time I found out I had an adopted cousin through 23& me. ( Adoption story that turned out fantastic)

It turned out more than fantastic.

I did a 23& me test almost two years ago. It was fun and interesting to find out where my ancestors came from. Then I looked at my DNA matches, (where you view your DNA relatives). I saw my Uncle, then I saw more people I knew. I saw a close match and didn’t think anything of it. Then my Mom called me up because I gave her my password to my 23 & me so that she could see my results. She told me one of your Uncle’s had a baby and put it in up for adoption. I was excited but I misunderstood her. I was like “a baby”? I wanted to keep the baby, I love babies, she was like no, one of your Uncle’s fathered a child that is older than you and is looking for their biological family.

So right away I logged into 23 & me, I was beyond excited, I was ecstatic, I could not wait to meet my new found cousin already. I I wrote him and told him “Hello long lost cousin, please write me with any questions you may have it’s so nice to meet you”. He also had very vague information about his adopted family that matched up. He posted on his profile that his Grandpa was a principal and yes, my Grandpa was indeed a principal. So, we just talked about everything. My late Uncle who was not his Dad also contacted him and encouraged me to reach out to him. My Uncle has since passed a few months ago in July from a sudden, unexpected heart attack at  the age of 63. I got to finally meet my cousin at our Uncle’s funeral.

I would talk to my cousin at least once a week. We really clicked. 

After a year of talking to him, I told him to take a test because his biological sister and father took one.  So he did and a month later, his sister contacted him through  She was so happy! She said she was going to talk to her Dad, my Uncle, his Dad.

So then finally all the puzzle pieces started coming together. He talked to his Dad and he said that he could ask him anything and he will answer. He asked who his Mom was. My Uncle told him. He then found his Mom. He emailed his Mom a long letter, and she replied “whoa”, I promise I will email you in the morning, I need to process this.

To make a long story short, he got to go and meet his Mom and his brother. I didn’t get to see it but it is such a beautiful thing. His brother cried because he always wanted a brother. His Mom too cried of course. Then he got to meet his Dad and sister. Which is obviously my Uncle and cousin. I was so incredibly happy for everyone!

I remember when my Grandma had Alzheimers she told me that there’s “one that I don’t know about”, referring to babies in the family, then it clicked. I should of listened to her because Alzheimers patients don’t always lose long term memory.

I was so glad to help him find his biological family. I wonder what it is like to be adopted and not know where you come from biologically speaking. He had outstanding parents and a good upbringing. He has his master’s degree, he felt like he belonged in his adopted family but he still wanted to know where he came from for learning  his identity as a person. He is from Mexico, which is cool to me because I’ve been fascinated with the Latino culture. I grew up in a Latino predominant area. I can speak Spanish with him. He is so intelligent, he speaks English better than me! It’s also fascinating because of the genetics vs environment factor and how much each factor plays into our lives.

I finally got to meet him. It was the most awesome thing in the world to learn that you have a cousin that you have never known about, until you are 35 years old. We had the best uplifting family reunion that words can’t describe. He came out for our Uncle’s funeral. My heart was just shattered. I was close to our Uncle. He died so unexpectedly of a heart attack. My cousins visiting really uplifted my spirits and brought me out of a depression. We went out to eat and to an outdoor mall, we had BBQs and visited until late hours of the night. We have a big family so it was loads of fun. I talked about what my Uncle was like, whom he’ll never get to meet.

We had the most awesome 4 day family reunion. Then he had to go home and we all miss him. We will see each other again soon.

Now totally 100% recommend getting a DNA test through 23 & me, or ancestry, or both. You may have family secrets like me. You never know. I also have third or fourth adopted cousins looking for their families so I don’t think it is rare. I know not all adoption stories turn out great, but mine with my cousin did, and I couldn’t be happier.

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Danny the Dinosaur! HAHA

My local gas station, dresses up their dinosaur mascot. It cracks me up. I love it! More pictures to come, as they dress him up through the year. They dress him up festive all year round. Right now he is wearing a mask and Halloween Trick-Or-Treat bag. I named him Danny I guess. HAHA

He got a hat and scarf for winter! He needs to stay warm. We’re having a rough winter.

Traveling the woods of Wisconsin.

My family for decades have vacationed to Northern Wisconsin in the summer. My Great Grandpa, and also my Father, have property on the lake. The lakes in Wisconsin are beautiful, the fishing is also awesome. We catch Muskies, Northern Pikes, Bass mostly. The eating is delicious. The scenery is absolutely peaceful, I love the trees. I like taking a walk around the lake with the dogs. My favorite is boating, and swimming. We have grown up going every year. My Dad, me, and the rest of the family.

We make a trip to Duluth Minnesota, to watch the ships come in under the Ariel Bridge. I have many pictures for you to enjoy, this wonderful vacation spot, and I recommend it as a vacation spot. It is very peaceful, and good for the soul. The Chippewa Flowage, Spooner Lake, and Shell Lake. The lakes are clean, and clear. Also beautiful leaves in the Fall.

It’s a great vacation spot for the kids. Plenty of farm animals, nature, swimming, kayaking, and playground equipment. Great learning experience for kiddos, and unplugged from technology.

Shell Lake has crystal clear water.
Shell lake and its white sand.
Captivating Shell Lake
Spooner Lake WI.
Spooner Lake

Juniper Senior Living Community is Now Hiring!

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Jimi Hendrix, rock and roll legend.

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48 years ago, (on September 18, I’m a few days late), we lost a rock in roll legend.
My late Uncle introduced me to Hendrix at the young age of 11. His music was different to me when I was young, but I loved he way he played guitar. I learned later in life, he played with his teeth, and he was also left handed. He claims to be self taught. I’m mean I wouldn’t doubt it, he’s awesome! His music is incredible. I can never get tired of listening to him. In my opinion, he is the greatest guitarist of all time. I grew up listening to him, I was raised by hippies. HAHA. Now I like to clean the house while listening to him. There could never be another as great as him!

World Pneumonia Day is November 12. (My awful journey through pneumonia).

I take care of the elderly population, and their immune system is suppressed. So in turn, they are sick a lot, and sometimes I catch what they have.
I’ve had pneumonia twice in my life. It is horrible. I also have asthma, and I would smoke sometimes, that could be a factor. Smoking increases your risk for having pneumonia, and so does having asthma.
I felt sick at work one day, with just a runny nose, and no appetite. I was driving and I felt weak and I was nodding off. They next day at work I was so sick, and incoherent my manager let me go home early. I accidentally fell asleep in the bathroom. She was asking me how’s everything going? As in do I have all my work done? I didn’t understand her, I was like work is going fine. I was so out of it. I was doing laundry for a resident and getting everything mixed up.
I went home, laid in bed, and my heart was beating out of my chest. I just stayed in bed, and slept all the time, and didn’t go to work. I didn’t eat and lost a lot of weight. I would wake up thinking that I needed to call 911 because I couldn’t breathe so I took my enenubulizer, but then that would help. I felt so sick, I told my husband to take me to the hospital, but he didn’t. I think I stayed in bed for four days without going to the doctor. I get sick a lot in health care, and it is usually a virus that just goes away on it’s own. I’m pretty healthy.
I had a fever and I was hallucinating. I woke up out of sleep and was walking downstairs but I didn’t realize what I was doing. The fever was bad, I would sweat, I just plain felt awful. Finally I went to urgent care, and she didn’t really help me, she just gave me steroids, and said she “hopes that she doesn’t catch it”.
Then I went to my PCP, and I told her about my fevers and chest pain, and she took an x-ray of my chest. She called me a day later to tell me that I had pneumonia and gave me antibiotics. I went back to work and I recovered soon.
The next time I had it was last May. I had influenza A in March, then in April bronchitis, which turned into pneumonia. My place of employment forced me to work with pneumonia and I got so sick. I worked an overnight, and I slept on the couch the whole time, while my co-worker took over. I left work at 6 AM and then I came back at 2 PM. I felt horrific. After work I went to the hospital and they told me I had low potassium. Luckily the manager that forces me into work went on vacation, and the more understand one was in charge. I took a week off. My couch was horrible, and I was taking my rescue inhaler all the time. I was weasing in my lungs so bad. I’ve been on steroids for bronchitis for a month and on an antibiotic for a week. It wasn’t strong enough to get rid of the pneumonia so I got put on another antibiotic, Levaquin. That one finally worked and cleared it up, but I had extreme fatigue. I mean extreme. I could not stay awake at all. I could sleep for days and feel like I just ran 5 miles. My doctor did a complete blood count and everything was fine, I was just recovering. I went back to work on restrictions, but they weren’t able to follow my restrictions. I finally recovered, but that was rough to go through. I feel like I am tramatised by having pnemonia. Every cough the kids get or wease that I have in my chest or lungs, I start to get a little anxious. I got a pneumonia shot, since I have asthma, I hope it helps. Fingers cross. I do not want to go through this ever again!
I am so glad that I am alive this day in age, with breathing medicine, and antibiotics. When I an on I see that a lot of my ancestors cause of death was pneumonia.
November 12 is world pneumonia Day. 50,000 people die every year from pneumonia in the US. Pneumonia is the worlds leading killer in the world of children aged 5 and under. A child dies every 20 seconds from pneumonia worldwide. Vaccines can help prevent this.