Homelessness in Colorado

In Colorado the legalization of marijuana was passed in January of 2014.
Now I’m a Colorado native, and since the legalization of marijuana, I’ve seen a huge population increase, and I have also seen an increase in crime. I’ve seen the economy develop as well. I like the new attractions. I barely make enough to enjoy them.
With housing cost, and cost of living going up, it leaves many homeless.

I have never ever seen so many homelessness in Colorado.
I drive to work, and look at the underpass on the highway, and there’s a whole bunch of tents in the grass. How do these people stay warm in a blizzard. It get’s cold in Denver. This is insane.

With groceries, housing, and everything else going up, it leaves many people homeless, even when they are employed, and they also have children to feed. The homeless shelters are full as well. The section 8 housing help waiting list is full.

This crisis has been bothering me, but not as much as it did yesterday when I saw someone that I know that was homeless and they were on the news. Our daughters went to Kindergarten together!  I knew this family for 3 years while our children attended school together. We lost contact, but when I saw her on the news my jaw dropped.

Her Mom has helped me before, and has given me her hand-me-down dresses for my two girls in the past, so I am defiantly convicted to help out! My heart is broke. Her Mom is working, and she was working as an elder caregiver just like I do. The daughter has straight A’s in school. I feel so bad, they have to sleep in a car, and they have to get up and go to school and work. They have no one. They do not have family to help but the community has defiantly stepped it up, just like I am going to. You can read their, and watch them on the News here: Colorado woman who’s been living out of her car hoping for a Christmas Miracle.

You can also donate to their go fund me page if you wish.Homeless Mom and Daughter

I have another friend that has had breast cancer, and has trouble working because of her surgeries. She is in remission from cancer, but she was homeless and all the shelters were full, so she went out of state to go live with her Mom. 

They are like many employed hard working Coloradans, that have been stuck by financial hardship and have become homeless.