How to get rid of annoying stubborn stains, that drive you crazy!

I live in my Grandmother’s old Town Home, which is a blessing, but we have white counters and sinks. I get many stains since I also have children. I keep them stainless by using soft scrub,along with some elbow grease!  My kitchen looks sparkly, shiny and clean!

Here are some before and after pictures:

Before: 20191210_132657.jpg


I mean it gets pretty bad. My kids also were learning to cook and put a hot pan on the counter but I was able to get that out.

After: 20191210_1346061529816510.jpg


These pictures aren’t very good quality, sorry. I’m just so busy all the time. But I’m a neat freak, and feel so much better in a clean home! I love this stuff, it works miracles.

I also have asthma. When I am having a flair up I use baking soda, and lemon juice from real lemons, if you want a more natural alternative.