My Daughter is an amazing artist.

Her drawings are incredible. She just amazes me. Her father and I cannot draw, but her Grandma, my Mom, is an amazing artist as well. I think she has a chance at being an artist. I have asked her if she wants to sell her art on Etsy someday.
Here drawings are below. She drew these two drawings at a young age of 10 and 12. I see great potential for her as an artist or even a graphic designer.
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My Mama’s art is breathtaking!

My Mom is incredibly artistic, along with my daughter. I think she should retire and sell her art on Etsy, since I was a former Etsy’er, but she chooses not to.

Here is some of her art work, prepare to be amazed! 😀

20191201_1247522127654113.jpgLook at the details of the stream. These painting is so peaceful, and quiet. I have no idea how she does this. I can’t even draw, only a stick figure! LOL


So colorful, and beautiful. I love the cardinal.


The trees so captivating! The houses with the lights! <3

20191201_124742286428179.jpg Beautiful Christmas tree! <3 The snow, the road, and the trees!

20191201_1246331850605763.jpgBarn at night. She is from Iowa. Love this, it is not finished yet.

20191201_124724227888581.jpgAwesome painting, I need to take better pics!


Tis’ the season. Beautiful poinsettia. The detail is gorgeous.

20191201_1246561671307368.jpgEvergreens! Love it. Colorado Native. Rocky Mountains! <3


Awesome! Love the beach.

Her art beautifies her home!

There ya go! This is my Mom’s work! A.K.A. Pablo Picasso. Bob Ross. HAHA!