Look at my great thrift store finds….

I found these books that I’ve been wanting to read at two different thrift stores. I got lucky to be able to actually find them. I’ve been dying to read them and this was such a steal for the price…

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8 thoughts on “Look at my great thrift store finds….”

  1. I spend my time at charity shops (op shops in this country) looking for haberdashery, especially vintage goods, patterns, threads, etc.
    I understand the thrill of the find.

  2. You sound a bit like me, I just love a great bargain. Plus I am all about recycling everything when possible. I have about 25 scarfs I am recycling this morning. Have fun reading your books my friend. These early fall days here are perfect for reading out on the screen porch. Love Joni

  3. Fabulous finds! I love a delve into charity shop goodies, especially for books for my kids. My older son can read several books a week and charity shops and car boots are our only way of keeping up with him.

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