Coffee, the essence of life.

Every morning, since I was the age of 18, I had to drink a full pot of coffee to wake up. I cannot function or hardly do anything, until I do. Some days when I am draining, I would like an IV of coffee. 🙂

I drink it just with milk in it and I can drink it black. Any kind of coffee suits me, I am not picky. How do you drink your coffee? I am a #1 or #2. I don’t add cream or sugar because then I start gaining weight.


Researchers claim benefits to drinking coffee, I hope these claims are true because it is what gets me going! 🙂

Benefits include:

  • Alzheimers prevention
  • Health disease prevention
  • lower risk of diabetes type 2
  • increases your fiber intake
  • Decreases risk of suicide and depression

When I did my 23&me DNA test it said I have genetic component to consume more caffeine, yes obviously this is true! =)


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7 thoughts on “Coffee, the essence of life.”

  1. I’m really a tea gal – I can cope without coffee, but I need my cuppas during the day, or I’m unhappy and headachy. However, I do generally have a cup of coffee a day – #4 with oat milk, which is delicious.

  2. First tried coffee in college with cream and sugar – “Hated it!” That is a reference from a show that I watched when I was in college. That may give one an idea how long and devotedly I have been drinking coffee, well before it was a click bait. That being said, my next million cups have been black, or the #1.

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