Genetics VS Environment. My perspective from having an adopted first cousin.

So, I have an adopted 1st cousin, that I did not meet until I was 37 years old, so the genetic verses environment theories interest me.

How much does genetics, and environment play into how we act, think, and even what career we pursue?

This is nature vs. nurture.

You’re environment definitely influences you. How nurtured we’re you growing up, and how well were you taken care of as a baby. We’re you encouraged in your strengths, and talents. Did you grow up in a loud or quiet family? Taught to be quiet or speak your mind? Grew up in an abusive or loving home? This all influences our lives strongly.

Let’s look at genetics, the nature part.

My adoptive cousin, was adopted into a loving home and nurtured. He is very loving. When I first met him, he sounded just like my Grandpa. It was like Deja vu. When I saw pictures of my cousin when he was young, he looked like my Dad. Then when I saw his recent picture, he looked just like our Grandpa. Then when I met him, he acts, has mannerisms, and looks just like my Grandpa. I was amazed. He is intelligent, and has a logical sound mind just like my Grandpa. My Grandpa was an insurance agent after he retired, and my cousin is an insurance agent! These similarities are incredible.

My cousin did not meet his biological family until he was 47, so we didn’t influence him growing up or shape him. Since I met him, I realize genetics plays a strong role in how we act, think, and predicts certain things that we are good at.

However, a nurturing  environment provides us to be either mentally strong or not in some regards. Predicts how well we connect socially, and influences our perception of other people and ourselves, such as having a good or bad self esteem, and how trusting we are of people. It influence our cofidence. I learned this through taking College psychology.

He was raised in a different country even and these similarities are so strong, I’m amazed.


6 thoughts on “Genetics VS Environment. My perspective from having an adopted first cousin.”

  1. Kristen Gawronski

    I love your post and I totally agree. I’ve read similar articles about twins who have been separated at birth and raised in different families. In some cases, they have been raised in different countries.

    When the twins were reunited, they found out just how strong their genetics were. In many cases, the twins had chosen very similar, if not the same careers, the names of their chosen life partners were similar or they had very similar personality traits.

    I can’t remember much else of the articles, but I agree that it’s amazing how strong genetics are!

  2. What a blessing that you were able to meet him. Now you can be a blessing to one another. Have a wonderful and blessed evening. Love to you and your family. ❤️💕love Joni

  3. I think both are involved. Like you, I have seen the influences of both in people around me. People should never feel that they are stuck as they are. We can always make choices that override either our genetics or our environment.

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