Gabriel Fernandez trial.

*Disclosure, this may be disturbed to some readers, child abuse mentioned.

I watched the Gabriel Fernandez trail on Netflix, it was horrific, I was petrified, and in shock during the whole show.

I’m not going to discus the show but address the law that social workers go by where children are “better off with their mothers”, which is one law that kept Gabriel in his deadly home with his Mom.

His Mom, in jail for the rest of her life, regained custody because she wanted to use him for more government funding. His step Dad is on death row.

She tried to cover up her abuse when social services visited. To me it was obvious as day. I do not understand why they didn’t take him away. A social worker spoke on a law where “children are often better off with their Moms”, this was deadly for Gabriel.

He was an adorable, affectionate little boy. I would love to adopt him. His Mom and step Dad beat him to death because they thought he was “gay”, at the age of 8 or so. They are just mentally insane.

This documentary opened my eyes and made me realize that we need change. This should of not happened, his Grandparents would of taken him in.

A house was built in memory for him called “Gabriel’s House“, where children can practice art, crafts, music, acting, film, and photography.



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  1. Truly horrific, your words painted enough of a picture that I know now I dont care to watch the show. That kind of thing makes me sick to my stomach, the same way people who put horrible things like abused kids and pets on Facebook do. I know it happens, and I know it’s horrible, but I DON’T WANT TO SEE IT.

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