What to expect Covid test.

I had to have two Covid-19 swabs for a fever that I at work. It was just a little cold virus, both tests were negative.

They swab your nose with a long Q-tip, but it all depends on who does it. So the first medical assistant that swabbed my nose, went very deep in my nose, and I felt pressure, and couldn’t open my eyes for 5 seconds. The second Nurse that swabbed me at Kaiser, swabbed my nose gently, and I didn’t really feel anything. Afterwards your nose runs a little.

So my nurse that I work with said that when doing the test she has to “cross the barrier” as in she has to put the q tip far enough into the nose, otherwise there can be a false negative result. So I guess my second test at Kaiser was inaccurate because they didn’t stick the q tip up into my brains lol I’m kidding. In reality this test isn’t bad, its like two seconds of uncomfortably for two seconds. Close your eyes and go somewhere else in your mind and take a slow deep breath.

It’s not bad at all or anything, don’t be afraid to be tested. It’s the same thing as a flu swab.

I believe they only test, if you have symptoms, anywhere from a sore throat, cough, fever, body aches.

The government funds testing, you pay nothing. If you want to get tested, just type into google “covid testing near me”, and schedule an appointment. I also got covid antibody test which was negative so I’ve never been infected…

I’ve been exposed twice at work and I am still negative, thank God! Now my employer tests us every week.

Be very careful doing into these places. They could have possible Covid patients. Wear mask, gloves if you can, bring disinfecting wipes, sanitizer your hands, don’t touch your face, wash your hands when you get home, and change your clothes, it lives on the bottoms of your shoes as well.

Now my employer is going to test me once a week, I’m going to get used to this.

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  1. Great post!
    My friend works in a nursing home; she is tested once a week, and her temperature is taken at the beginning of every shift.
    She told me for the safety of her family and residents; she gladly takes the tests!

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