Goats at the library? What?

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My local library has a program where a farmer brings in his goats for all the kids, and adult children to pet. They stay outside on the grass. I love this!
We get to pet and feed the goats. We even get to feed the baby goats a bottle. They seem very intelligent, and I think it is cute when they speak, and say “bahhh”. One goat was eating my daughter’s shirt, it was hilarious.
Some goat facts:
Goats were one of the first animals to be domesticated

Goats are very intelligent, they can learn their name, and come when they are called like a dog.

They are picky eaters

Their life expectancy is 8-12 years and sometimes up to 15 years.

They are adventurous and like to explore.

They are social animals.

They were even brought over to America on the Mayflower.


They look like they are smiling


The baby goats are adorable


My kids liked to draw on themselves when they were little. Goofs!







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