Poor Kitty!

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We’ve gotten this kitty from the shelter so many years ago, about 8 years ago. She is very scared and skittish. I wonder if this is her personality or if her home life wasn’t good before we got her from the shelter?

She is open with my oldest daughter. My oldest daughter was on a vacation for 2 weeks, and this poor kitty cried for her. It was so sad. Then miss kitty, her name is “KiKi”, was so happy to see her owner! My daughter also sang to her when she came home, it was so cute!!!


She’s looking down, poor kitty, so shy.

But this kitty has the opposite personality. I love having animals! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Poor Kitty!”

  1. We have two rescue dogs. Who knows what their backgrounds are, but they are very different. Love and patience has made all the difference. And time. Your kitties are cute!

  2. Yes, they all have different personalities! Sad kitty looks like something is going on with her left eye. It seems darker than the right one. Anyway, I’m glad your daughter’s return cheered her up!

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