Fun Fact Friday.

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Small pox was eradicated from the world on May 8, 1980, and from the United States in 1952, thanks to vaccines. Eradicating this disease was the biggest accomplishment for international public health.
It is thought that small pox has been around since the 3rd century but it is known that it has been around since the 6th century.
It was a very deadly virus, it was fatal for 3 out of every 10 people.
It causes rashes and scabs, fever, and vomiting.
I am glad that small pox was gone by the time I was born.

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  1. I talked about the small pox when I did a post about covonavirus, because it was the first virus to be eradicated. A vaccination for covid19 is going to hit issues with the anti-vaxxer movement, unfortunately, especially in the US

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