Stepping out of your comfort zone

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“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.”  – Unknown 

This quote convicts me because I am so in my comfort zone. I don’t like to take risks, and I am scared of change. I’ve had the same job for 7 years, and lived in the same house for 15 years.

If I don’t step out of my comfort zone, I will never know if I could be happier, have a better job. But I am happy so I do not change or push myself to do anything different. I could have a better house, or job, but I don’t because I am simple and easily content.

I could grow in my career, but I’m content.

I could buy a bigger house in a nice neighborhood, but I am content with my low mortgage rate.

I could make goals to have a more positive mindset, and also be healthier, but I am such a creature of habit and like to do the same stuff everyday, and I like routine.

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7 thoughts on “Stepping out of your comfort zone”

  1. I understand the thought of leaving your comfort zone to grow. On the other hand, if we are doing something right, then it makes sense to keep doing it. From that base of stability, then we can change in the aspects of our lives that we need to make changes in. To change just for the sake of change is nonsense.

  2. I appreciate the sentiment of the quote, but that’s not how nature works. Try growing a palm tree in Minnesota and tell me how that works.

    As humans, going outside our comfort zone can help us grow, but in order to thrive we have to be comfortable- either by adapting ourselves or changing the environment.

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