Horses in the city!

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Across the street from my parents house, where I grew up, there is a house with about 5 acres with horses. It is on a busy street, but they are fenced in well. I grew up in a suburb of Denver. I am lucky that I had horses to pet for the past 25 years, but recently the sold the property and now the horses are gone.

We used to be able to wave the horses over, and they would walk to us from the fence, and we would pet them, and feed them carrots.

They could be far away and we could wave them over! Scroll down and watch them walk over to us. They are quite good looking horses.

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4 thoughts on “Horses in the city!”

  1. Nice horses. They are such smart animals. I use to do a lot of riding in Kentucky when I lived there. It was a large plantation house and they owned racers. I had so much fun. We would take early morning rides all over the ranch. So fun! They are indeed a gift. Love to you my friend. Joni

      1. It was a blessing Michelle. I also had a terrible cruse on the jockey. More motivation to ride. Have a blessed weekend my friend. Love and hugs 🤗 Joni

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