A powerful Quote from Dr. Phil.

“What I fear, I create”. ~ Dr Phil.

I overheard a quote on one of my residents T.V. while I was at work. Dr Phil told a young man, “what I fear, I create”.

This is a very powerful quote because we can control our thoughts. We can decide not to fear a certain thing, so that it doesn’t become a reality in our minds, and become a false or true reality for us.

We have power over our thoughts, that can in return control our actions.

Control that fear, and thieve, because if you harness that fear, and tell your mind to stop fearing something in particular, you will have more control over your life, and be more confident.

You create what you fear ∼ Gitte Falkenberg 

Life has enough troubles, don’t create more, and have extra burdens.

_Dr. Phil




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