“Married at First Sight” on Netflix.


“Married at First Sight”, is a show on Netflix, that is a social experiment where, social “experts”, a family counselor, a sociologist, and a family counselor, interview thousands of people that want to get married at first sight, that is married without ever meeting each other, but meeting each other at the alter for marriage for the first time.

The experts match up people according to their common interests, their personalities, and social background. The candidates also get to ask for what they want in a mate.

So, here comes the big day where they get married and met each other as strangers at the alter. They marry, and walk down the aisle as husband and wife and have met minuets ago.

Then they are sent off to a tropical honeymoon where they get to know each other.  They barely know each other and they have time to get to know this person that they have just married in a tropical paradise.

Then they come home to live in a complex together provided by the show. Their home lives combine and they meet their families and friends.

After 8 weeks they decide if they want to stay together or not. Some divorce and some stay married. Some argue, and some do not.

It’s a really interesting show. Especially from my perspective, because I do not understand how you can vow to someone that you do not know!

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