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My manager has sent me home from work for a “fever”, and a little cough. I am not welcome back at work for 10 days, or until I have two negative tests. This isn’t really a true fever, a “true fever” is usually 100.4 but it could be the beginning of a fever. You never know, when I had pneumonia this is what my temp read. My temps run 97 everyday, I run low. Who knows?

Anyway, I can’t afford to be out of work, so I am going to have to give them two negative Covid tests. I seriously don’t think I have Covid. I barely feel under the weather. It was that time of the month, which makes me feel sick in the first place, getting older, and I do have 1.5 IUD’s in me so…. Read my PMS Hacks Post and I have an arm of an IUD stuck, wonder if this makes everything so wicked during this time of the month? Read post here:

I feel tired and weak, but I am alright. I have a tiny cold my daughter brought me back from her vacation. My tests in is a few hours. I’d say save the tests for the sick people, but I do take care of sick people, and cannot take any chances getting them sick, since they have a compromised immune system. I don’t know what to be responsible for bringing in a life threatening virus to the elderly.

Our work place, has rules that if you have a fever you are out for ten days or have to bring back two negative tests, or if you have a cough and sore throat. I don’t think they are being too strict because we take care of the elderly that have other underlying conditions. I have read that their death rate is around 26%. Other communities have had about 10 patients die of Covid, this would be devastating for us.

I am on a strict budget, as my husband and I consolidate our debt, so our precious babies can go to College. We will be done with this next year. I am on point with getting this done, and showing up for work, but at the same time I am thinking of my residents. I am going to get two negative tests, and go back. I have two doctor appointments. Good thing our government is funding these tests, because I can’t afford to miss work. I have more than 100 hours of PTO since I have been there 7 years, but I don’t want to get behind my bills, since I don’t know if I will get my PTO pay on time. I have strong work ethic.

I get kinda anxious when I am home, with not enough to do, partly because I have anxiety, and I am always on the go, and used to a fast pace work life. I have plenty of books to read, that I want to finish. I am planning on spending quality time with my kids, catch up on blog posts. I work too much around the house, I need to learn to relax. I am getting a vacation next month. We weren’t allowed vacation until now due to covid. This is wearing me out. I am planning on doing some self reflection, and some mental work, to see how I can better deal with anxiety and stress.

I am used to being needed badly at work, and used to not being able to call in unless I have a doctors note, or going to get one. This is so unusual for me.

If you think you have Covid, you can get tests, the government is funding free testing. Just google free Covid testing near me.

Stay happy, healthy, and safe!

Cheers! <3



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  1. I always want to remain positive but for your covid test.. I pray for negative result … Iam reading this post 4 days later.. I Hope u r fine now…

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