I did it, I splurged….

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I’m still consolidating my debt, the end sight is very near, which is the biggest relief of my life but still I splurged mine and my husband’s holiday pay. We’re not supposed but what the hey?

I bought myself new sheets, quilt, towels, fan and a face mask. We’ve been holding out forever since we have been getting all our credit cards paid off, it feels good to spend after being so frugal.

My pretty floral sheets:

The pretty design up close
My quilt
The design up close


Face mask that’s going to make my skin so soft
I planted this pretty flower in my yard







5 thoughts on “I did it, I splurged….”

  1. I celebrate with you🎉 since being sheltered in place I work from home. I have saved money by being home. I paid off one card and working om another. In the meantime, earning extra money as a tutor. I put the extra earning towards new bedding, art work and redesigning my living room and yes, it feels good😊 enjoy🎉

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