Acts of Kindness…

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My coworker gave me new Vans shoes! So now I can be a hip 38 year old skateboarder! HAHA j/k.

That is really nice of her. They are brand new. This co worker has also given me a ride home, when I needed it.

Acts of kindness makes the world a better place, and brings people up!

I do a lot for other people, and it comes back to me. I just need to practice self care. I’ve learned that with age.


Here’s a picture of them, see how nice they are:

thumbnail_image3 (2)


I also love me some Converse. I got these on Ebay:

thumbnail_image1 (2)

thumbnail_image4 (2)

I also love Nike.


My Aunt gave me these cool girly Vans, and there are some more Converse, that I got thrift store shopping.


Acts of Kindness


8 thoughts on “Acts of Kindness…”

  1. Kindness–we could all use a LOT more of it this week! I’m glad you have found so much of it, probably because you give so much of it.

      1. Some co-workers of mine have turned into long term close friends and I have turned to them when faced with a problem
        I have been truly blessed in my colleagues always except for a few “bad eggs”. But I guess you have one or two of those in most workplaces.

  2. So true we all need more kindness in the world. That was an awfully sweet thing your neighbor did. Thank the Lord for kindness in today’s crazy world. Love and blessings to your family. 😘🌺🌸Joni

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