My Grandpa was an achiever, and an overcome! Motivational Monday…

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My Grandpa was an incredible man, who achieved much in life, despite difficult circumstances. His achievements have helped me to be strong, and to keep persevering. I hope this post helps someone keep going strong as well.

My Grandpa grew up with his Mom, as a single Mom, in a small farm community in Illinois. He was born out of wedlock so his Dad denied him. His Mom passed away when he was 13. He was born in 1929, to me I thought it was unusual for kids to be in a single parent family back in those days, but not these days that we are living in……

He then lived on a farm, and had to work on the farm to survive. He got up at 4 AM, including school days, to milk the cows. He stay in school, and he took school very seriously because he knew that school was the key to get out of this kind of lifestyle.

Despite these difficulties, he achieve so much in his life. He didn’t feel sorry for himself, and did not view himself as a victim. He worked very hard to get what he had in life, with zero support from his family. His family was deceased.

He was class president in High School. “Clarence Miller”. Freshman class. 10967_10152625087312311_6032829054758639356_n


My Grandpa is in the second picture above, the second boy on the top….

After High School, my Grandpa served our country in the Korean war!


Then went to College and he got his Masters Degree in Teaching, he was then a Middle School teacher in Chicago. Then he married my beautiful Grandma, and they had 3 boys, and a girl.


When my Dad was 13 my Grandpa and the family moved to Colorado so my Grandpa could attend Colorado State University to get his doctorate  in education, and he did!

He then became principal of Buffalo Grove High School, in a suburb of Chicago, Ill.

His strength, accomplishments, and intelligence amazes me! Especially since he did not have a Father figure, especially back in that day, and did not have his Mom when he was a teenager! He wanted more in life for his kids, and his Grandchildren! Such an inspiration! Education was very important in our family.

My Grandpa passed away when I was 19. If he was still alive, I would just love a conversation with him about how he kept going, what inspired him, how he got through hard times!

He is even on Wikipedia! So awesome!!!! 

Dr. Clarence M. “Chick” Miller, formerly assistant principal at Wheeling High School, was named the school’s first principal.

He was a leader in education. He was a great principal, very supportive.

He was a wonderful Grandpa, who made me who I am today. He would buy me all my school clothes for the year, when I was growing up. I am so blessed to have him as a Grandpa.

He came so far in life despite his circumstances.

Hope this inspires someone! =)

I wonder if I get my strong will from him, because I never give up on anything…


I’m sorry this picture is poor quality, my parents will not let me scan it.


Above is my Grandpa, and my Aunt meeting President Ford.

On another interesting note, I have an adoptive first cousin, that I didn’t know about until a few years ago. My adopted cousin looks, and acts just like my Grandpa. I love it! It is such a blessing!!!! I thought I was the first Grandchild, but lo and behold, I did a DNA test and found out otherwise!

My Daughter was born 1 day after him! She was almost born on his birthday! She is very strong willed! =)



12 thoughts on “My Grandpa was an achiever, and an overcome! Motivational Monday…”

  1. What an inspiring post and what a wonderful legacy your grandpa left for you. I always wonder when I hear stories like this (and we have them in my family too) why some people turn such a hard life into motivation to achieve and others give up and become swallowed by bitterness and resentment. Be sure to pass on this wonderful story to the younger generations in your family to inspire them.

  2. A sweet tribute to a man who never gave up. I think some people need adversity to make them strong. Look at the Redwood- the seed is only released after very dry conditions (probably takes years. Some pines need a fire to release the seed!

    Appreciate what you do for others. Happy June!!!

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