Hello June…

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To me when it is the first day of June, I am preparing for summer. Visiting the pool, going to water parks, and plenty of outdoor activities. Gardening, growing fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Going to Denver botanical gardens, museums and zoos. They are all closed.

Due to Covid-19 our pools and water parks are not opening. My poor kids. I am going to have to get creative for both of our sake. We will be fine. We live in an active state, and can find something to do. There is plenty to do here. We are very blessed.

This will not last forever, we need to be grateful for everything we get to do when everything is opened.

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5 thoughts on “Hello June…”

  1. Is that a baby strawberry? I think it is. They grow wild in our front yard I always feel guilty pulling them up. However they are resilient and come right back up again. You make an interesting point especially for those with young children – parents are having to be very creative. I have a feeling you are coming up with all kinds of ideas. Have a blessed day my friend. 💕 love, blessings and hugs coming from NC. Joni

      1. I am so sorry. I have a great friend whose child is graduating this year and graduation ceremonies are different the activities they were going to have are all canceled. It has really affected Doctors graduating and pretty much everyone. Very sad. Parents have to be very creative, and so careful right now with everything else going on. You stay healthy and your kids will have their family and they are blessed that way. Maybe kids will start playing in yards more like we did when we were little. Blessings to your sweet family. Love 💕 Joni

  2. I’m praying that things will open sooner rather than later. I wonder if the riots (not the protests) might be a reaction to being cooped up. That doesn’t excuse the violence, but it might be a contributing mental health factor. On a positive note, MANY years ago I lived in Aurora and loved to go to the Denver Botanical Gardens. 💜

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