Have we not learned anything from history….!?!?!?!?!

Racism is disgusting. It is pure ignorance in the darkest form, blinding us from new perspectives, and inhibits us from learning from others who have different culture than we do, and is just inhumane.

The color of your skin, does not predict your actions, the person is in charge of their own actions. Just because you are a certain skin color does not mean you are a rapists, criminal, rich, poor, intelligent, or anything of that matter. This is called “labelism”. Pigment of skin predicts nothing, maybe culture, but predicts none of this. This is very limiting for both parties. For the person being racist and the “victim of racism”. Ignorance is not knowing, and just being judgmental.

Why can’t we learn and leave racism in the past? We are too far in time for this. I am utterly disgusted!

I have a story from my ancestors on my Mom’s side. One of my Great Grandpa’s x’s 4 or so, took the whip out of a slave owners hand, and they had to leave town. I need to find this on Ancestry.com, I am very proud of this. I wish racism ended there….

Racism is not fair, it is very ugly, and it deprives both parties.

There is so much to learn from other cultures. It is better to be open, and have rich experiences, to be a well rounded person. Racism is deprivation. I feel strongly about this….

When I was a High School Senior, I wrote a 20+ page paper on racism, and received an A+. I should really scan it. I wrote so well in High School and in College, but I lost that skill, and need to regain it, either that or I do not have time anymore…..

Racism I can’t. This day in age!? I am applaud. All of our lives matter. We are all equal as humans. We all deserve basic human rights! America is the melting pot, and has no room for racism! Enough is enough.

My DNA test said I had 2% “African”, I’m proud of this, no matter how silly it sounds.

God used Martin Luther King Jr. in a great way to end segregation. I wish we learned, and it ended here.


“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King Jr. 
This! So true!!
Racism is disgusting and appalling. My Grandparents were from Chicago (if that means anything), but they we NOT racist.
I asked my “Black” “African American Friend”,   who is a man to protests with me downtown. Powerful message. Black man, White Women, but I need to not get angry and be peaceful, no cussing LOL!
Racism in 2020? Seriously? I can’t…. gross……
Remember Martin Luther King jr. used passivism not rioting and it was effective. I understand being angry and enraged but it’s unacceptable to be destructive.
Is about else wondering what next? What more can happen this year?
So true… it feels like, but wait there’s more…
Never in my life have I lived through a pandemic. Then to turn around and have people protesting racism like in 1960s but it’s 2020. We’ve got to do better.


16 thoughts on “Have we not learned anything from history….!?!?!?!?!”

  1. Julia Preston

    You have given me the inspiration for this morning’s blog. Tune in later today. And by the way, do not doubt your writing skills, because if you can get your point across as well as you did, that makes you a writer. Good job. Thank you!

  2. I feel very sad to see the so called civilized people behave inhumanely.How could the cops kill an innocent person in such a way?It is perhaps because of the haughty attitude that made the cops commit the crime and have certainly invited more troubles than Covid 19.The Lord won’t forgive the pride and haughty.Worst is yet to come .😥

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