When I am feeling stressed at work….

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I look at this tree, and I feel peace. This is a beautiful tree outside of my workplace. In the fall it is breathtaking. I wonder how old it is? I am also glad that they didn’t cut it down when they built the place.

May you have a peace filled Sunday.


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8 thoughts on “When I am feeling stressed at work….”

  1. I love trees. They speak to me in their own way. They are strong, full of protection for all kinds of life and bring beautifully rustling sounds to our ears. So grateful you have your tree to enjoy. Love πŸ’• Joni have a blessed day my friend.

      1. You are welcome it is my pleasure. Hugs and blessings to you. I wish everyone loved the trees then people might stop cutting them down for bigger and bigger houses and shopping facilities. At this rate I truly believe by 2050 we will have few trees on earth. πŸ‘πŸŒΊπŸ™ Joni

          1. Same here my friend. It is a sad thing I am so grateful for nature as all should be. Hoping for a truly blessed week for you Michelle. πŸ’•Joni

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