Father’s Day questions for young kids. Free printable.

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I used to do these questionnaires with my girls when they were young for their Father and Grandpa on Father’s Day, they are hilarious when little kids fill them out.

Father’s Day Questionnaire for kids. (printable)

1. My Dad’s Name Is _________________________________________.

2. My Dad is____ Years old.

3.My Dad’s job is _____________________________________________.

4. My Dad is as big as a ______________________________________.

5.My favorite thing to do with my Dad is_______________________________________________________________

6.My Dad taught me how to ________________________________________________________________.

7. My Dad likes to _____________________________________________

8. My Dad’s Favorite food is __________________________________

9. My Dad is funny because __________________________________

10. My Dad likes to say _______________________________________

11. My Dad is good at ________________________________________

12. My Dad loves me because ________________________________

13.I love My Dad because ____________________________________

Father's Day Questionaire for kids. (printable) (1)
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