Make those dreams reality.

“If you wait for tomorrow to follow your dreams, by the time you get there, they’re gone.” ~ Willie Nelson.

This is a good quote, because I am passive, and I like to plan everything out, and I am very careful. I wait until the circumstances are right, then I move forward. That’s just who I am.

I like comfort, and I like to be able to predict what will happen next.

I need to learn to take risks and try new things, and I will grow more, and live life fuller.



6 thoughts on “Make those dreams reality.”

  1. I’m basically the same way. I always thought I would be OK with unexpected get-togethers and such, but I prefer to have it planned. I like doing stuff, I like hanging out (within limits) but I don’t do so well with something completely unexpected πŸ™‚

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