My old friends…


This is Lily watching T.V.. Sadly the kids let her out, and she never came back :.( They have learned the hard way to never do that again.

She loved T.V. I find this hilarious.


Here she is on top of the closet doors. HAHA


“Helping” Mommy with her puzzle. Such good helpers!


Sitting in a container.


Her with her BFF “Toby”. Toby was an old kitty and passed away. He’s like “You stink! Let me bathe you!”



Now I have this silly girl. She wants to get out, she is curious about the outside, but no! We don’t want to lose her.


She makes me laugh everyday, with her silly cat behavior.



9 thoughts on “My old friends…”

  1. A lot of us have had cats that have wandered away. Hopefully, they are happy wherever they are now, even if we are not. Thanks for the post and pictures.

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