Uses for Vinegar.

When I was a stay at home Mom, using vinegar was my go to. It’s economical, and safe for the environment. It’s cheap when you are on a budget, and it is all natural. I use white vinegar. Vinegar is cheap, and has many uses. In a time like this, I am not using it to disinfect the house, but normally I use this method 3 weeks out of the month, and for one deep cleaning day out of the month I use bleach. Unfortunately, vinegar doesn’t kill Covid-19. But it has many other uses, than disinfecting the house.

  1. Fabric softener. This is a great fabric softener. It leaves your clothes soft, kills bacteria, freshens your laundry, and takes odors out. It also cleans your washing machine, and the fabric softener dispenser part in your washing machine! Another tip, to freshen towels, and get the mildewey smell out, wash your towels on hot with baking soda and vinegar. Canva - White and Maroon Rugs
  2. Air freshener or deodorizer. The smell of vinegar evaporates quickly. Put a teaspoon of vinegar, and 2 cups of water, and you can also add your favorite essential oil. Spray where you would like to freshen the air! Bonus tip: I also pour vinegar outside where my dogs go to the bathroom, after I pick it up for course! You can also deodorizer your carpets with vinegar. I have pets! Thank goodness for vinegar.Canva - Spray bottle beside flowers on pink and white background
  3. You can use Vinegar for weed killer. You can pour use one gallon of vinegar on various weeds. You can also mix Epsom salt and dish soap to make this more of an effective weed killer. This is so much better than using harsh chemicals, especially if you are growing veggies, or have asthma like me. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  4. Carpet Stain remover: Mix vinegar, and dish soap, let sit for 10 minuets and rub with a dry towel until stain is gone. Canva - Living Room with Plenty Windows and Carpeted Floor (1)
  5. Unclogging drains: I first put baking soda in the drain and then vinegar and some soap. Then I run how water down the drain. This is a great trick to prevent clogged drains. I live in an area proned to clogged drains because of the old tree roots and so on. It also refreshes and gets odors out of the drain to do this add lemon juice. Canva - Checkered Kitchen Tile (1)
  6. Window cleaner, mix equal parts of vinegar and water. It leaves windows shiny! My dogs like to leave their nose and paw prints all over the windows! This is way cheaper and not harsh on my asthma as Windex. Canva - Adult Dark Golden Retriever on Window
  7. Cleaning the coffee maker. I put a vinegar through my coffee maker, with some water.

Canva - Espresso Maker Filling Cups

8. Keeping flowers fresh. Mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and sugar and pour in flowers! Canva - Selective Focus Photography of White Cluster Flower in Clear Glass Vase

9. Cleaning the microwave. You can mix distilled white vinegar and water, and effectively clean the microwave, with no harsh chemicals so that when you heat your food, you do not feel like your eating chemicals. You can also put vinegar and water in a bowl, microwave it, and wipe away! Canva - Two White Ceramic Plates Near Microwave On Counter Top

10. Jewelry cleaner or fine silverware cleaner. Drop jewelry and fine silverware in white distilled vinegar for 20 minuets, and scrub with a toothbrush, and see it shine! Canva - Photo of Diamond Rings

11.Put vinegar in your dishwater softer dispenser. This kills bacteria, cleans your dishes, and dishwasher! Canva - Dishwasher

12. Last but not least, house hold cleaner. Mix white distilled vinegar, with equal parts of water, and add a few squirts of lemon juice. in a squirt bottle, to add to the disinfectant property. Disinfect kitchen, bathroom, and I even mop with this. Vinegar is acid and has the ability to kills some bacteria and viruses. Let it sit longer, then wipe away for more effectiveness. Vinegar also kills mold, and removes soap scum. Canva - Sponge and Spray on a Clean Background

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10 thoughts on “Uses for Vinegar.”

  1. Thanks for the useful information. I’m a vinegar fanatic too, but wasn’t aware of all these benefits, and I’m going to try some of these ideas that I haven’t tried before.

  2. clivebennett796

    Thanks for reminding me how versatile vinegar is. Unfortunately my wife is allergic to it!

  3. Thanks so much! I keep a big jug of vinegar and have used it for windows for years. I am happy to know about these other uses. Great post!

  4. Some of these I did not know. I like those glass bottles. If I purchase quality spray bottles, I’m coming back and purchasing them through your provided image link. I too have amazon links on my site, within a post I supply a link to in every other post. If able, I want to help everyone who’s doing this (every order counts), so I copy the exact post link & paste it to my ‘notes’ app w/ what it’s for. Best wishes & thanks for the new info.

  5. We use white vinegar for household cleaning too. I use it to clean windows and mirrors, an I use it to descale the kettle, shower head and taps. Lemon juice also works a treat for descaling ^_^

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  7. There are so many amazing uses for vinegar, the options are endless! Vinegar is truly a home staple.

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