Don’t live in fear, but do not be ignorant.


What is it? (read below for more reassurance, don’t life in fear, but be educated).

Co= Corona Vi= Virus D= Disease 19= 2019. Hence, the disease is mutated and a new disease. This disease has not been researched enough yet, since it is new. We do not know entirely how it behaves so it is scary. It is unknown how you will react if you catch it, different people have different symptoms from mild to severe.

Symptoms do not show until 2-14 days, you can be carrying it for 14 days after exposure. You can be a carrier and not show symptoms. It is also highly contagious.  You are contagious 7 days after your symptoms appear, and have not had a fever for 72 hours. I’m not sure how accurate these facts are because this new virus is not completely understood.

All of these factors make Covid-19, a mysterious, but more dangerous virus. It is worse than seasonal flu, and more contagious, but we also have a flu shot, which comes into play in regards to these stats.

I know what it is like to have pneumonia, I’ve had it twice. One of the rare complications to this mysterious virus is pneumonia. I do not want to go through that ever again. It is horrific. I recovered though and here I am.

Symptoms of Covid-19 (which I said previously, are mild to severe.) are:


Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

Repeated shaking with chills
Muscle pain
Sore throat
New loss of taste or smell
You may not even have any symptoms at all.
People with autoimmune disease or the elderly are at risk.
Keep washing those hands, use hand sanitizer, wear a mask, and disinfect!
I have been working all this time, I’ve been washing my hands all the time, scrub a dub dub!
Wear your mask in public. Sanitize your shopping cart, steering wheel, and the bottom of your shoes!


3 thoughts on “Don’t live in fear, but do not be ignorant.”

  1. We are seeing a frightening development in NY. There is a secondary condition that is affecting children. Over 90 reported in NY and at least 3 deaths. The children were between 5 and 14. This concerns me because the young people in my town have not been adhering to the regulations. Parents are going so far as to allow sleep overs. I cannot say the word that comes to my head when I hear this.

  2. My grandson tested positive for it, but for the last two weeks has shown zero symptoms. On one hand, praise God for that. On the other, if it weren’t for social distancing, and other precautions people take, who knows how many people he might have affected and not known it.

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