38 years young….

Today I turn 38 and I feel great! When I was younger, I thought 38 was “old”, but I am still doing well! I still am strong, in shape, and look young. I work with a bunch of 20 year olds, they think I’m about their age. HAHAHAHA! I’m close to 40!
Someone asked me if I am at where I saw myself 10 years ago….
Life is so unpredictable! There is no way to know what will happen in the future. Some many factors play into this.
10 years ago I had no idea what raising pre-teens, and teenagers was like.
I did not have the wisdom for day to day life, like I did when I was young, or the people/social skills.
I did not manage time as well….
I’m not where I would like to be career wise but I choose to stay home with my kids in my 20’s, and I cannot move up in my career, because my kids still need me.
10 years or 20 years from now, I cannot predict what it will look like at all. There is no way of knowing what the future looks like, that’s what makes life exciting and adventurous.
Age is just a number. Take care of yourself!

Oh the vanity, how “old” do I look? (not like it matters, because what’s in the heart is more important, along with attitude, how your treat people, and so on.) There’s a lot more to life than looks. Intelligence, family, enjoying life, talent.

I don’t agree with this meme, as long as you take care of yourself but on the other hand, you never know what life will throw at you: abc

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