National Nurses Day

I’m two days late, I was exhausted on Wednesday!

National Nurses Day was on May 6th, and Nurses week is May 6-12.

Nursing is a profession of the heart. Nurses pay thousands to go to school to learn how to care for others. You need a lot of patients to take care of the sick.

It is a very demanding job. Nurses are constantly busy, one the phone with doctors for new conditions and behaviors, on the phone with pharmacy for medication that needs to be ordered or reorder. They ensure that you have the best care, and are looking out for you.

They are exposed to many germs, viruses, and illness. It is a physically demanding job, always on our feet, passing meds, and making sure our patients are OK.

I’ve worked along side many Nurses throughout the years. They are constantly advocating for the patient ensuring they have the right care plan and the correct medication and ensure medication is on time. They make care plans to make sure you get the right care, and have your health needs met, to ensure the best care and recovery. They are there in the darkest of hours.

We deal with doctors, families, the whole entire staff, and last but not least, the patient. It requires social skills.

It takes a lot out of you, you must care for yourself, but it fills your heart, and is a rewarding profession. We sacrifice a lot for our career. Everyday, our job is demanding and we got to care for ourselves and be on our A game at work.

I’ve been a Nursing Assistant for over 10 years. I’ve passed meds before, and done vitals, as a “QMAP”. I’m just doing care right now, because I love it.

We are the front line in this Covid crisis, risking our health.

I understand these memes, lol.



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National Nurses week


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