In case you are bored….

65 things to do in quarantine, in case you are bored out of your mind…

  1. Get your fitness on! Stretch your muscles, do some yoga. Do some work out videos.
  2. Put your favorite music on and dance and have fun! Learn some new dance moves.
  3. Journal write about your life, or reflect by making a list of goals, and make a list of how to achieve your goals.
  4. Sing! have a karaoke fest, or practice an instrument, like piano.
  5. Crafts! Go online and find some crafts. Sewing, crocheting, painting, coloring, drawing, making neat things! Google some DIY Crafts.
  6. Paint your nails! Give yourself a pedicure, or manicure.
  7. Read the books that you want to read! If you can’t buy them, and the library is closed you can read online  On Hoopla:
  8. Get your house in order! De-clutter, part with junk that you don’t need. Reorganize your closets, your pantry, and so on.
  9. Yard work. Clean up your yard.
  10. Deep clean your house. Dust everything. Clean behind furniture. Wash or vacuum the curtains. Polish furniture.
  11. Home repair- paint the house, and put new floor in if you know how. Do some house repairs.
  12. De-clutter your computer. Delete photos and downloads that you do not need.
  13. Learn! Learn something new. Go on YouTube and watch tutorials. Learn how to do make up, braid hair, design a web site. I learned how to sew on YouTube. Whatever you want to learn.
  14. Practice spirituality. Meditate, practice mindfulness. Read the Bible, watch a sermon. Whatever spirituality looks like for you.
  15. Find a place to take a walk outside, where there is not many people.
  16. Look at old photos.
  17. Get in contact with people that you have been meaning to connect with
  18. Write! Write a story or poem, or blog.
  19. Make a list of places that you want to go to when this is all over with, and you can go to safely.
  20. Train your dog to do tricks, or play with the cat.
  21. Play board and card games. Do a puzzle.
  22. Rearrange your house, and your furniture.
  23. Decorate your home. You can also online shop. You don’t have to go to the store for this.
  24. Go over your budget, and cut out what you don’t need.
  25. If you are stressed out listen to calming music.
  26. Start a YouTube Channel, or a tic-tock, instagram, FaceBook, Or Twitter.
  27. Play video Games.
  28. Find some fun apps for your phone
  29. Take a personality test
  30. Take an IQ test
  31. Spruce up your resume. Or study to advance your career.
  32. Learn a new language.
  33. Sit outside in nature, relax and enjoy. In your back or front yard, away from people.
  34. Look for a new, unique holiday to celebrate.
  35. Read the Guinness book of world records.
  36. Find a side job. My cousin is selling on PoshMark. You can sell on Etsy or Ebay.
  37. Find ways to simplify your life, and cut out doing things that are unnecessary, and give you stress.
  38. Learn how to work on your car. Change the oil, and the spark plugs.
  39. Cook from scratch
  40. Watch documentaries
  41. Research history
  42. Listen to old school music
  43. Research your family tree.
  44. Try to make foods from different cultures.
  45. Sew holes in your clothes, and get stains out of your clothes.
  46. Sew masks, and donate them.
  47. Donate to a food bank.
  48. Practice math.
  49. Read old College Text books.
  50. Go through your old stuff
  51. Scrapbook.
  52. Act, or have a play
  53. Take an online course
  54. Shop for Mothers Day, or Fathers Day. Early Christmas shop. Online only! 🙂 Or birthday shop.
  55. Write a list of everyones Birthdays in your life.
  56. Update your phone books or contacts.
  57. Cut out coupons.
  58. Make a collage out of old magazines.
  59. Make a card for someone
  60. Play memory games, Keep your mind sharp.
  61. Practice typing. Improve your WPM.
  62. Sort through your bills, and all the loose paper lying around the house.
  63. Replace light bulbs, or light fixtures
  64. Look at the stars, or watch the sunrise/sunset.
  65. Write a letter to yourself

Do all the things that you can think of, such as things you want to do when you are busy and think to yourself, “I wish I had time to do this”.

So whatever entertains you, and what makes you happy within the limits of social distancing and staying home.

Stay happy,

Stay safe,

and healthy!



18 thoughts on “In case you are bored….”

  1. Really good suggestions! I’m on day 3 of my Spanish Lesson now. yey!!

    Oh I love the last item. Yes, write letter to yourself. I will do that.

    I encouraged my bf to dance tik tok

      1. I was on the fence in between Japanese and Spanish. My Japanese students inspired me to really lern their langauage but I reading letters is a big challenge for me.
        Spanish on the other hand is quite easier because the Philippines is under the influence of Spain for 300 years ( yup that looooong). Some of our words are tha of Spanish.
        Hola! 🙂

        1. I took Spanish in High School, then worked with a lot of Latinos, I had no problem learning. Then I can speak to my adopted cousin in his first language. That is really good for your brain to learn a new language

          1. fact: when you ask a Filipino “what time is it now?”, we either answer in English or Spanish. We do not tell time in Filipino! We say either 2 oclock or alas dos. etc…

          2. Oh that’s interesting. I’ve noticed a lot of people from around the world are either bilingual or even trilingual. My mother in law was born and raised in Germany and she learned English as well as a kid.

          3. yeah you are right! I never realized I’m multilingual.
            Filipino or Tagalog is our National language but 80+% of Filipinos Speak English. Plus a little Spanish.

  2. Some great ideas here. I honestly don’t understand how people can be bored. I am coming to the understanding that being happy with one’s own company is not something that comes naturally to some.

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