Finding the good in Quarantine.

Many people are suffering depression because they are stuck at home with the gyms, rec. centers, malls, museums, bars, and so on are closed.

One way to defeat depression is to try to find the good in anything, and to look on the brighter side of things.

  • We don’t have to go grocery shopping. We can order groceries online and pick them up.
  • Grocery shopping wears me out. I have to maneuver all around the store around a bunch of people (the population in Colorado is increasing rapidly). Find what I need, and I always forget something, even though I make a list. It’s a lot easier to meal plan and buy what I need from my own personal computer.
  • Sleep! Did I say sleep. I don’t have to work until 10:00 PM, and then get up at 6AM, cook breakfast, then take the kids to school. I get up around 8PM, cook breakfast, and then help with online school. I feel so refreshed and not worn out!
  • Commute- My commute to work is less stressful. There isn’t a whole lot of people on the road. I can drive peacefully to work, without any stress.
  • Cooking. I have time to cook three times a day, and I’m having fun learning new recipes.
  • Crafts.
  • Sewing- I learned how to sew masks, and I have taken up sewing again. I learned how to thread my machine, and I learned how to use the tension. I also learned how to clean the sewing machine. I also taught my daughters how to sew, and cook as well.
  • I also have time to crochet!
  • This is a huge one for me. I didn’t have to go out to the DMV to renew my licence. I did it from home! I didn’t have to wait in line until my number was called. It only took me 5 minuets! Totally painless.
  • My job is easier (kinda). I don’t have to serve in the dining room, along with my care-giving duties. I don’t have to serve soup, drinks, and dinner, then clean it up and re-set it! We are secluded to one floor, so there is less drama and gossip.
  • I have time to spend with my residents, such as coloring, and the weather is nicer, and I can take them outside for a walk.
  • Reading! I have time to read! I have many books to read. I loooove reading!
  • Cleaning- I’m a huge OCD neat freak! I can deep clean, shampoo my carpets, clean my walls, the house is always clean! I cleaned window screens, dusted the ceiling fans, reorganized closets, and the kitchen, and got rid of clutter.
  • Gardening- I’m growing a veggie garden.
  • I have time to exercise, work out, do cardio, go jogging, and stretch, do work out videos online, make us of my treadmill and stationary bike.
  • I’ve been going on a lot of walks. It is very pretty out this time of the year. I go behind a golf course. It is very secluded here, and I wear a mask if anyone comes around.

I must just be a mad introvert, but I don’t mind being stuck at home. I was a stay at home Mom for 7 years, but the kids and I kept busy. We were never home, but we are staying home now.

Last but not least, I love the time that I have with my family! My husband is at home all the time. We have to work opposite shifts because we have children and don’t do daycare, because it is too expensive. I have time with my children, it just fills my heart when I have time with them.

I’m one of those people that like to take on a lot, and always trying to do something, or accomplish something. This has forced me to slow down. I am getting rest and a peace of mind. Life is much better at a slower pace. I’m not running around, and trying to do everything. I have a hectic, chaotic schedule, hence my blog name.  This is me most of the time….


I am safe at home, not catching an awful cough. I am an asthmatic, and have pneumonia twice. I know how it feels to be sick like this, it’s awful.

What are some good things, that you can think of about being quarantined at home? 

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9 thoughts on “Finding the good in Quarantine.”

  1. Honestly, I am perfectly content with the situation. I am a homebody. I don’t enjoy time in stores or crowds. I love puttering in my home and yard. Food shopping always gives me anxiety, and as such I never enjoyed going. Unfortunately, the demand for online ordering/pick up is limited and you have to get up pretty early in the morning to have a chance at a time slot. I am thoroughly enjoying taking the time to prepare really nice meals for my family. I don’t get out of the kitchen until 7 or 8 pm, but not having the pressure of getting up at 4:45am makes it more tolerable.

      1. Rested, yes! My body wants to wake up at 7:30am. This is almost 3 hours later than when I am working. No wonder I am dead on my feet when I get home.

  2. I think I am thankful for pretty similar things to you, but in a different way.
    My Dad’s job isn’t the greatest, and the commute is worse, so it’s been a great thing for him to not have to get up early and go all that way. He’s much more relaxed.

    I am *so* thankful for the provisions we have.
    I am thankful we can go outside and enjoy nature.
    I am thankful this isn’t hitting us as hard as it could. We don’t always deal with stress well, but I feel like the Lord has been preparing us for it somehow.
    I am thankful for my health

    Thanks for doing this post! Very inspiring 🙂

  3. Loved your list, Michelle; staying home can be so sweet.
    Life hasn’t changed very much for me! I’ve worked from home for many years; so nothing new there!
    The biggest change for me is not dancing. My man injured his knee last year. This meant the end of our dancing until it heals. We haven’t been out dancing since late last year, and I’m not even missing it…
    Life is pretty good, really. I’m loving lots of walks – as usual. Cooking is a great love of mine. I’m also creating audios for my published books; plus the audio for the last of my free book series. All in all, there’s not much of a change in my days.
    Life is sweet.. 🙂

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