Taking care of others, v.s. taking care of ourselves.


“Helping someone else is the fastest way out of worry”.

I can see how this is true, because it distracts our mind from our worries, and we forget about what we were worrying about. You can worry about yourself, while helping others. That is one reason why I like my job as a caregiver.

Helping others is fulfilling, and gives us a sense of purpose. But we cannot get so distracted that we ignore our problems.

Then at the same time, we must take care of ourselves before we are able to take care of others. Otherwise we are pouring from an empty cup, and get burnt out. We must achieve balance of caring for others, while taking care of ourselves. wp-15880934279491573159385.jpg 

My High School Mate, passed away at a young age of 38. College Fund for his kiddos.


7 thoughts on “Taking care of others, v.s. taking care of ourselves.”

  1. I am sorry to hear about our school mate. So young. Whenever I am cranky at work, I do something random and nice for one of the kids. I always feel better for it.

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