How to properly wear a mask…

Yes! I totally got this part, working in healthcare among Covid!

How to correctly put on and remove a face mask…

When you put a face mask on make sure you form the nose piece so that nothing is getting in, and make sure it fits you all around, and is not to big or small, because the virus can get in…. Do not touch your face! Wash your hands before you remove it, so important! Remove mask back to front.


Thank God I have a N95 mask for grocery shopping, and with possible Covid patients who have pending Covid tests. I don’t believe that cloth masks are not efficient, if you put a filter in your cloth mask and it fits your face properly you are getting protection!





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3 layers Face Mask Virus protection

3 thoughts on “How to properly wear a mask…”

  1. I have seen all bar ‘The Sideways’ on the bingo sheet, does that count? XD I feel one free space should be allowed!
    On a serious note I find it really discouraging that people can’t wear them properly. Oh ok you’ve got your nose poking out. You know, where you can breathe in and out from??

    We’ve got a paper bag for our used masks. First thing we do once inside is to wash hands, remove the mask, then wash hands again. Husband is shielding due to being vulnerable so have to be careful.

    We went for a walk last Sunday – by my reckoning, it’s Husband’s first time beyond the house in 115 days. Lockdown restrictions are relaxing here tomorrow with pubs and bars being allowed to open – so we’ll see how we go from there…

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