Honoring essential employees…

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Yesterday the Air Force Thunderbirds flew all over the Denver metro area to honor essential employees. This is a nice gesture to show gratitude for working during this pandemic.

I was driving to work when it was taking place. People were on the side of the highway taking pictures. I was thinking to myself, “please get out of the way, I’m going to be late for work.” Then I saw the Jets and saw how cool they looked flying over the foothills.

Downtown Denver

My work place has signs outside that read “Heroes work here”.

Now being a caregiver/nurses aide for over a decade, this is something different. I’m used to us being under valued and looked down upon. People say “you’re a CNA”? You can do better. We constantly get asked did we do this or that by family members or managers and so on. I think to myself “well yeah, of course I did. I do my job and for the past 10 years at that”. We don’t get breaks and we are forced to work sick. This appreciation is something new…

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  1. In Italy we got one of the best national flying patrol of the world.
    I know thunderbirds and blue angels and they’re both very good.
    Thanks for you service as a caregiver.

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